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Fathers: You are always setting an example

You are setting an example in everything you do

Good or Bad

Like it or not

But in everything you do, or don’t do, you are setting an example

What you say

What you do

What you eat

What you drink

How you treat your spouse

How you make money

In your relationship with God

What you do to make money

In everything that you do, like it or not, you’re setting an example

They see it

They see it with your fruit

Or the lack of fruit

In everything you do, you’re setting an example

Like it, or not

[If you’re a Father that’s struggling to make the choices that set a good example to your children, and you need help to get on track financially, physically or even spiritually, send me a private message and let’s get connected so I can share some practices that can help you get back on track to be the Man that you need to be for your family and for yourself.]