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April 20-22


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May 19-23


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Brant is a full-time real estate investor, business owner, business coach, speaker and bestselling author. He has been featured on Fox News as a Real Estate expert and hosts local seminars and training events.


In addition to Brant’s real estate pursuits, he’s an active entrepreneur as owner of a coaching and consulting business, a property management company and also owns a marketing company that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs to utilize the same marketing strategies he uses in his businesses. One of his companies, Invest Home Pro, was recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies.

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The book the gurus would never release! Now available on Amazon.com.

Brant Phillips takes you behind the curtains into an uncensored conversation with one of his Mentors about how to create enormous wealth through Real Estate Investing.

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The definitive guide to flipping houses!

Brant walks you through step-by-step from before even starting the flipping process to having the biggest paydays of your life! A comprehensive guide that even involves how to get financing, this book is definitely for both first-time flippers as well as experienced investors! Get this book now and kiss your excuses away!

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A team to build an empire!

Learn from Houston’s Top Real Estate Pros on how to crush it in the Real Estate business! Get an inside view into the mindset and actions of these driven team-players on how to be cut above the rest and how to make exponential profits… together!

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Brant hosts Houston’s Newest, Edgiest, No Upsell Real Estate Networking & Learning Event!

This real estate investing event is geared for real estate investorslenders and entrepreneurs who are all about taking action!

  • Discover what’s working in today’s market.
  • Learn new investing strategies that will create results to your bottom line.
  • Network with some of Houston’s top real estate investors, lenders and entrepreneurs who are active in today’s market.
  • Come join Brant and network so that you can begin to take advantage and take action in today’s market
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Every 1st Wednesday of the Month at Daisy Dukes!


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What People Say About Brant

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Get Exclusive Content Here

Are You Committed To Create Results?

Do you have that level of success you can’t break through?

Do you have crucial things in life you’ve neglected, or even sacrificed?

Do you need a mentor who’ll actually show you the ropes in real estate?

There are a lot of coaches and coaching programs out there. And this one certainly isn’t the most comfortable of them all. This is not a band-aid solution of a series of motivational speeches and fun activities that will make you feel good, but not make you do the most important part for your success: work.


Brant will get personal. He will take a look at your nutrition, exercise, sleeping patterns. He will help you clarify what are essential in your life, and what are not. He will show you the ropes in negotiations and deals, and how he personally handles his business on a daily basis. He will make you work, bully you even to attain that success you’ve been dreaming of. He will guide you on how to stay motivated, how to endure and how to thrive.


This coaching program is going to focus on you. You, and your big, fat excuses.

How to Flip a House Webinar

Breakthrough At The Beach

Brant Phillips on Fox TV Houston

Brant Phillips and His Team Flip Houses for Profit