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I’m an INVESTOR, why get a license???

So, I got into real estate almost 14 years ago and had bought almost 25 rental properties before I decided to get my license.
And the main reason I decided to get it, was because I was on the verge of quitting my full-time JOB so I wanted it ‘just in case’….a hedge if you will in case my investing plans fell short.

But honestly, for the first 10 years I rarely used it and failed to see the value/income it could produce for my business overall WITHOUT taking me away from my core competency/income activities.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t even tell people I had a license (unless it was a disclosure situation) and turned down I don’t even know how many listing opportunities.

Well, recently my awesome Agent Assistant (who does the hard work), Kathryn, told me the other day that I’m in the top 5% out of 40k licensed agents in our area which shocked me, since I don’t technically know how to even input/enter a listing onto the MLS, lol, but yes, true story.

My point of sharing this post for my Investor friends out there is that you may be leaving quite a bit of money on the table.

For example, we used to never provide sellers an option to list their home for us rather than taking a Cash Offer, but we’ve integrated this conversation into all of our acquisitions appointments.

Not too mention, I used to not even do my own listings. That was sometimes over 50 listings a year that I did not do.
And no, this isn’t an eXp Realty post, so I won’t even go into how eXp allowed me to have a downline of 100 agents in less than 2 years and it’s growing exponentially and created a passive income for me that exceeds what the national average income is for the ‘average’ Agent in the US as well as over 4,000 shares of stock in the company. see: EXPI
But I digress.

Also real quick, if you’re an Agent and you’re not investing, well, that I don’t understand. You have the keys to the kingdom of future wealth/income, so you just have to start integrating adding some rentals or other deals to your portfolio. 1-2 deals a year even will have a tremendous impact of your financial future in 5, 10, 20 years down the line.
Not too mention how you as an Agent can grow your business working with Investors and watch/learn vicariously through their deals and cherry pick a few for yourself.
If you are an investor thinking about getting your license I would highly recommend it there’s several other ways we found that we’re monetizing having a license in our business that I wish I could go back in time and do things a little bit different a decade ago.

Not too mention, there is serious talk that wholesaling is going to become outlawed very soon and all/100% of real estate transactions will have to run through someone with a license. So thats just something to think about for those of you out there doing deals without a license.

Anyways, random thoughts from an Investor Agent that used to not act as such….

Feel free to reach out if you have questions about getting your license as well.