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Interview with Jack Mize Where I Discuss Common Mistakes Home Owners Make When Trying To Sell Their House

Here is the interview with Jack Mize….enjoy, hope this helps!

HOUSTON, TX, July 25, 2013 — Rent Ready Contractors Founder Brant Phillips explains the right and wrong things homeowners do when trying to prepare their house for sale.

Over-updating is one of the most common problems with some sellers going so far as to add in a swimming pool in hopes it will make their home more attractive to potential buyers.

Brant stated “In the market that we’re in, you can definitely do less to get your home ready to sell without spending top dollar.”

Brant’s final suggestions were that sometimes sticking to the bare basics is enough for a Houston Homeowner to make their home appealing to potential buyers, such as simple landscaping and making sure all the lightbulbs work can have an impact on a buyer’s first impression.

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