Who Says You Need Cash or Credit To Buy Real Estate?

Come and See How You Can

Partner For Properties

To Invest In Today’s Real Estate Market Without

Using Any Of Your Own

Cash Or Credit!

Curtis Warden & Brant Phillips’ Present…




If you’re saving up your nickels and dimes to buy a house, then Stop!

Get out and kick-start your real estate investing business today!

From: Brant & Curtis

Re: The Power of Using Other People’s Cash, Time, Effort, Energy and Equity

Dear Real Estate Entrepreneur –

Let me ask you a question. Are you frustrated that there is so much opportunity to make money in real estate right now yet your lack of financing, cash or credit keep letting the deals slip through your fingers?

If so, the power of partnerships can be a synergistic approach to create financial success in today’s market.  Deals are everywhere but if you’re like most investors getting started, you probably lack the Cash or Credit to buy them, right? That’s how we felt several years ago when we were first starting out, we ran into the same obstacles.  We were at a dead end roadblock because the banks said NO.  So do you think we just gave up?  Believe us, we did think about it, but instead we pressed on…to greener pastures.

Do You Have Time & Experience, But No Cash or limited Credit?

If so, the power of partnerships can be a synergistic approach to create financial success in today’s market.  Deals are everywhere but if you’re like most investors getting started, you probably lack the Cash or Credit to buy them, right? That’s how we felt several years ago when we were first starting out, we ran into the same obstacles.  We were at a dead end roadblock because the banks said NO.  So do you think we just gave up?  Believe us, we did think about it, but instead we pressed on…to greener pastures.

How about you? Are you serious about succeeding in real estate?  Then Stop wasting time and energy… Most real estate investors believe they have to save up thousands of dollars and maintain a flawless credit score just to buy a single investment property. We know this because we used to believe this too!

To buy a Typical investment property from a Traditional lender requires a lot of cash to put down, a squeaky clean credit score AND a grueling loan process where they rake you over the coals just to see if you deserve to buy an investment property.  After all of their catastrophic screw ups, who are they to judge us anyway?

But this is NOT Traditional Financing. This is Creative Real Estate.

This is still America right? Look, we all have a right to pursue freedom and happiness and the last time I checked, real estate is still the greatest way to build wealth in God’s great world, so I’ll be daRned if I’m gonna let some pencil pushing banker tell me I can’t live the life of my dreams.

Memo to Banks:

We Don’t Need You Anymore! 

Memo to YOU:

CASH & CREDIT = You Don’t Need It

Can you see what we’re getting at here? This is No-Money, ZERO Down Real Estate and the solution is at your fingertips.  So you can stop wasting your time and effort and causing yourself undue stress by thinking that you need cash or credit, because the truth is you don’t! Instead, work smart and start using the strategies that we have developed to invest in real estate via the power of Partnering for Properties.  Take the shortcut, and do what we did..

We Learned The #1 Skill Of A True Entrepreneur: The ability to Raise Private Money and put together Partnerships so we could continue investing to do real estate deals…

Partnerships Are Ideal In This Market!

You see, we figured out how to create win-win opportunities for ourselves and everyday folks looking for other places to invest.  With the stock market in the downslide, we discovered there are literally thousands of people looking for other places to invest.  And as we all know, everyone is intrigued by real estate.

With the right Partners, you can finance all the Real Estate you want without worrying about banks, brokers, hard money lenders, or even credit checks.  Because the lenders base all the underwriting requirements on the financials of the partner that has the best credit rating and the most capital reserves.

Here Are Just Some Of The Benefits Of Using Partnerships

Purchase and Refinance of Real Estate – 100% financing is here again! Because of the leverage you will have using partnerships you can feel confident buying deals at huge discounts with none of your own cash out of pocket…

Increase Your Return on Investment – If all you are investing is your time, then you will literally be able to create Infinite Rates of Return!

Make Cash Offers – By teaming up with a cash partner your offers will be taken seriously by having proof of funds and confidence that you can close quick. With cash partners, we close many of our deals in a week.

Increase Your Return on Investment – If all you are investing is your time, then you will literally be able to create Infinite Rates of Return!

Be Known As A Problem Solver – by creating win-win scenarios   you become known as a solution provider. This is where the money really is…

Focus On What You Do Best – When you begin to develop your partnerships, you can begin to focus on finding deals and less time worrying about financing and banking red-tape.

Buy More Houses – You can expand your deal flow pipeline and have multiple projects going at the same time without negatively affecting your cash-flow.

Can I Use Partnerships For Rental Properties?


Can I Use Partnerships For Flips?


Who Can I Partner With?

People with long term, low return investments – this is most likely money they will not need for a while. CDs, Money Markets, Passbook Savings accounts.

People who had a previous employer who sponsored a 401K program – these funds can be moved to a self-directed IRA and then privately lend to your partnership LLC.

People who have IRAs getting beat up in the stock market– Many of these people would love to have an investment that EARNS them some money!

People who want more control than just Private Lending – In fact, anyone who wants to earn above average returns on an investment of 6 months or more!

They are looking for saavy real estate investors LIKE YOU!

That was where we were, we just needed someone to give us a chance

When There Is A Will There Is A Way, and we’ll show you the way… 

So You May Be Thinking…

Why Would They Want To Partner With Me?

Come on, don’t be so hard on yourself! That’s An Easy One: Because you can offer 3-5 times what they are used to getting from banks and stocks AND their investment is backed by real estate.

No more begging for bank loans

Partners are looking for your direction and are waiting for your call!

They want to work with you!

Do You Realize?


Don’t worry, we’ll show you how to present and structure your deals that make this a complete ‘win-win’ investment opportunity for you and your partners and ways to create an “Irresistible Offer” that will have partners clamoring to be in on your next deal!

Use This System To Create As Many

Partnerships  As You Want And Do An

Unlimited Amount Of Deals!

So, we’re wondering…

What if you could learn this proven system that allows us to make massive profits in today’s real estate market without using our own cash or credit and actually allows us to do an unlimited number of deals?  And what if you could learn exactly how to do this RIGHT NOW from the convenience of your computer?

Due to constant requests, we are laying it all out for those of you that are serious about creating Partnerships so you can take advantage of this market and start making real Profits with Real Estate…

Without Using Your Own Cash Or Credit,

Without Dealing With Banks and

Without Searching For Answers. . .

We’d like to invite you to join

Partnering For Properties


Profit System


In this Instant-Access Presentation, you will get the guidance…direction…and hand-holding necessary to breakthrough and achieve your Real Estate Investing Goals!

We’ll show you how to Create Win-Win Partnerships and the basic fundamentals everyone needs to start partnering quickly! Great for newbies or seasoned investors who are looking to maximize profits in this new era of real estate investing.

Plus You Will Understand…

  • How to put together a compelling presentation that will have partners lining up to join your deals.
  • All of the paperwork involved in partnership transactions.
  • How generate referrals and get your partners to tell their friends

HINT: Always take care of your Partners and the referrals will Multiply!

Learn From Real Investors

This is not a seminar from some national guru teaching what they “used to do“. You will gain access to a workshop with two local investors who are actively using partnerships to do real estate deals in today’s market.


It Works For Rental Property!

PURCHASE: $60,000
REPAIRS: $18,000
LOAN AMOUNT: $0 (Partner Paid Cash!)
Rehab time: 25 days
Days On Market: 2 weeks
Value: $125,000
Rents: $1150

Shared Equity: $47,000 + Cash-Flow

It Works For Flipping Too! 

Purchase: $38,000
Rehab: $19,000
Rehab time: 27 days
Days On Market: 18

But This Is Not Just About Money…

For most of our students the goal of profiting in real estate is not about the money they make, it’s about changing their lives. You see, it doesn’t really matter how much money you make if you aren’t enjoying your life.
Real estate has allowed us to break free of jobs we hated and schedules that dictated how we spent our days. Don’t set goals based on money, but instead how you want to spend your days. What is retirement? Doing what you want to do when you want to do it? I know we can help you use real estate to achieve these goals quicker than you think.



Here’s Only Some Of What You Will Learn

  • Everything there is to know about Partnerships, Profitability & Structuring
  • How to find and recognize great deals – even if you can’t work a calculator
  • How to assemble a team of real estate professionals to work for you
  • How to get bring the deals to you!  (Instead of you looking for them!)
  • How to save thousands of dollars by avoiding costly errors and pitfalls
  • How to find ideal partners for your deals & avoid common partnership problems
  • Creative financing techniques, including “nothing down” deals
  • Many of the ‘secrets’ that the banks don’t want you to know
  • How to overcome the roadblocks to your real estate success!

Not Only Will You Get Instant Access Online Training Videos,



  • Partnership Agreement
  • Project Agreement
  • Earnest Money Agreement
  • Investment Application
  • Joint Venture Agreement
  • JV & Management Cash Flow Incentive
  • Partner Return Funds
  • Rollover Funds Agreement
  • Affidavit Memorandum Agreement Purchase Sale


  • A Short Disclosure
  • Advertising Disclaimers
  • Typical Disclosure Statement
  • Disclosure Statement Basics


  • Rent Talk Packet
  • Inventory & Condition Form
  • Lead Based Paint Addendum
  • Tenant Screening Criteria
  • Rental Property Analysis Template
  • Residential Lease
  • Tenant Application
  • Check Out Requirements
  • Motivated Seller Form (WHOLESALE FORM)


  • General Repair Estimate
  • Foundation Repair Doesn’t Have to be Scary!
  • Lead Based Paint: Renovate Right!
  • Rehab Check List
  • Tips for Working with Contractors


  • General Repair Estimate
  • Foundation Repair Doesn’t Have to be Scary!
  • Lead Based Paint: Renovate Right!
  • Rehab Check List
  • Tips for Working with Contractors



  • 10% Loan Example
  • Build Wealth in a Hurry
  • Private Mortgage Lending Special Report
  • Elevator Speech
  • Follow-Up Mail Letter
  • Investor Marketing Strategy
  • Required Loan Docs
  • Payment Schedule
  • Presentation for Lead Conversation
  • Promissory Note
  • Private Lender Phone Call
  • Private Mortgage Lending Special Report (editable)


A Fully Editable Power Point Presentation That Can Single Handedly Help You Land Partnership Deals One After Another…. 



*This is the Power Point presentation that can help you to raise millions…this is worth the price alone!

This Power Point + You Taking Action = Money!


Home Study Slide Presentation

Designed for you to create your personal action plan as you follow along


Special Bonus:

                    We conducted a Forum with a Panel of Experts including an Attorney & Bookeeper that specialize in structuring partnerships as well as a mortgage broker, hard money lender, insurance agent & wholesalers’ at this event!

…Last But Not Least!

You Will Receive The

Critical Action Steps

That Will Help You To Begin Creating your Partnership Pipeline on Day 1…

Why Are We Sharing This Information?

As you will see, creating partnerships becomes extremely easy when someone shows you HOW TO DO IT an you begin to apply the proper steps. We are fortunate to have enough partnerships to last us a very long time. We don’t need any more!! The rest can be yours… Furthermore, we have goals to help millions of others to achieve investing success and ultimately financial freedom. You know what they say, the more you give, the more you receive. So, it’s our hope you will become one of our success stories, and when you achieve success, we ask that you send your testimonial to tell us about it! That’s what this is really about.

Some of our most successful students started out with nothing. By showing them how to invest in real estate by starting with nothing has been incredibly rewarding for us.


If you’re going to assume this role, you do need a strong desire to pursue education and commit to completing the training and protect your partners investments.

Look, partners are easy to find once you learn these strategies. But it requires your commitment to take care of your partners and their investments for the long term to make sure you both profit in your deals.

But, here’s the best part:

Learn in the comfort of your own home!

Most seminars and conventions cram people into uncomfortable seats that make it difficult to take notes and truly learn. We decided to take a different approach, and bring this event so to your home!

Grab a drink, sit back and relax.

All you have to do is click on the videos, sit back and watch!

Or, Download it and listen on your Mp3 Player!

So, How Much Will All Of This Cost…?

Your Instant Access for this highly effective, unique training, taught Active Real Estate Investors is available for

ONLY $57 !

You’ll Love it or You Won’t Pay a Dime!

If you are skeptical that’s normal. But we don’t want you to miss out on this training just because some product you’ve purchased in the past didn’t live up to your expectations.

Instead, take advantage of our 60-Day, no-risk MONEY-BACK Guarantee and see for yourself if this program is worth your money! Frankly, we don’t want to keep a red-cent of your tuition unless you are absolutely ecstatic about everything you’ve learned.

Still Not Sure? 


Once a young man came to Socrates & said, “I want to learn everything you know. I want your wisdom.” To that Socrates responded, “Follow me to that River.”  Take a close look & tell me what you see.”  The young man replied, “I see only the river of course.”  Socrates told him to look down into the water & asked him to look closer. As he peered over the bank & leaned closer, Socrates grabbed the man’s head & shoved it under water! The man tried to escape & flailed his arms wildly as he was getting choked, but Socrates’ strong grip kept his head submerged in water for even longer!  As the young man continued to struggle, finally Socrates released his grip & let his head come out of water. “Are you crazy old man? Do You want to kill me?”, shouted the young man gasping for breath. Socrates asked him, “When I was holding your head under water, what is that 1 thing you needed most? What did you want more than anything else?”  “I wanted to breathe, I wanted air of course”, said the man still panting. “So”, Socrates said, “If & when you want WISDOM that badly like you wanted AIR, then you can come to me!!!”


And, if you’re feeling that you’re not really sure you’re going to put forth the effort, then let’s face it, you’re probably not very serious about changing your financial future. Sorry, but the truth hurts.  We’ve literally financed houses with credit cards before when we didn’t have a dime to our name, so if you’re not willing to pay $197 to change your financial future, then you just don’t want it bad enough.

This is your call to Action 

Don’t even THINK about giving up on your dreams!

Take action NOW and change your life forever.

Curtis Warden & Brant Phillips

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All Contents provided via Digital Format

All Contents provided via Digital Format

Results are varied and there are no “typical” results because results are based everyone’s individual actions and effectiveness.