As you know, the biggest challenge in real estate investing is access to the funding to get your deals closed.

Brant Phillips has raised tens of millions of dollars over the last 15 years to fund hundreds of properties. From hundreds of Flips and Rentals, to Commercial Deals Land Deals, New construction and even Mobile Home & RV Parks.

More importantly, he has maintained a 100% track record of performance and a spotless reputation.

You may ask yourself HOW?

It's because he has a Capital Raising System that is built on proven fundamentals.

If you would like to learn firsthand by Brant and see how his system works and more importantly, begin executing his strategies immediately, then you need to get registered for this exclusive 1-Day Workshop.

Brant hasn't done this training in years and may not being doing it again.

Btw, Brant started investing with Zero Knowledge and Zero Cash and he'll show you can do the same. So be sure to leave your excuses at the door because we won’t be wanting to waste time on listening to what you don’t have, this event is about showing you specifically how to create Results and begin raising capital for your deals immediately.

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Why Should I Attend


with Brant Phillips?

Simply put, you will learn how to use O.P.M. (Other people’s Money) for your deals.

Raising capital is the #1 Skill Set that every Real Estate Entrepreneur needs to have in their arsenal to succeed in this business. Not having money to invest is NOT an excuse! While it is important to become familiar with all of the available funding sources you can use to close your deals, such as: banks, hard money lenders, other creative options, make no mistake about, Brant is all about raising private money and the bottom line is that Brant will show you exactly how he's raised tens of millions of dollars to run his business with an incredibly simple to execute system that his students have been able to produce similar results on their very first deal!

This is a 1-Day Real Estate Hands-On Training Experience taught by Brant that will cover EVERYTHING you need to know about how to RAISE PRIVATE MONEY in todays market.

During this training, Brant will take you step-by-step on how to find and develop relationships with private money lenders. It will teach you what you need to know to grow and thrive, and what you need to know to stay out of trouble.

Here's just a tip of the iceberg of some of the topics we will cover:


Just like in all fields of human endeavor, your attitude and mindset will dictate how far you will go and how much you will accomplish. If you plan on being in the investing business, or any business for that matter, for any length of time, you will experience occasional setbacks along the way.

What separates those who will thrive and those who will collapse under pressure, is not only the individual’s personal experience and knowledge, but also (and perhaps, more importantly) their personal mindset and determination. Brant will show you how to develop a winning mindset that will translate into you creating investing success and be able to lock in private lender commitments with ease.  


Close Faster - No more underwriting red tape. You can close as in 24 hours or less in many cases.

Save Money On Fees - No junk fees and high origination costs from conventional brokers.

Make Cash Offers - Have your offers taken seriously by having the proof of funds and confidence that you can close in days instead of weeks compared to traditional financing.

More Control Over Terms - With private lenders everything is negotiable. Unlike institutions with set guidelines you have flexibility to set the terms based on the deals.


Purchase of Real Estate - 100% financing is here again. Because of the leverage you will have using private lenders you can feel confident buying deals at huge discounts with no cash out of pocket... Including closing costs.

Repair Costs - When dealing with private investors you can structure the terms so you can get all of your repair money upfront, at closing without having to do draws.

Cushion - We always recommend borrowing more than you need, as long as the numbers make sense, for cash flow or unexpected emergencies. Try getting that from a mortgage company.


People with long term, low return investments - this is money that they will not be needing for a while. CDs, Money Markets, Passbook Savings accounts.

People who had a previous employer who sponsored a 401K program - these funds can be moved to a self-directed IRA and then privately lent to an investor.

People who have IRAs getting beat up in the stock market- Many of these people would love to have an investment that EARNS them some money!

People who want more return - In fact, anyone who wants to earn above average returns on an investment of 6 months or more!


Because you can offer 3-5x what they are used to getting from banks and stocks and their investment is backed by real estate. 

BONUS: Multiple Exit Strategy Session

One of the absolutely critical fundamentals of a successful and sustainable investing business is to focus on buying deals that have MULTIPLE EXIT STRATEGIES. Brant will show you how to create a business that allows you to thrive in any market by focusing on deals that provide at least four ways to generate income:


One of the absolutely critical Fundamentals of a successful and sustainable investing business is to focus on buying deals that have MULTIPLE EXIT STRATEGIES. Brant will show you how to create a business so that you can thrive in any market by focusing on deals that provide at least three ways to generate income. This is a CRITICAL skillset to have to gain your private lenders confidence and peace of mind.


You'll Love it or You Won't Pay a Dime!

If you are skeptical that's normal. But we don't want you to miss out on this training just because some event you've attended in the past didn't live up to your expectations.

Instead, take advantage of our no-risk MONEY-BACK Guarantee and see for yourself if this program is worth your money! Frankly, we don't want to keep a red-cent of your tuition unless you are absolutely ecstatic about everything you've learned.

“Fantastic, Informing, Motivational. A lot of meat and potatoes, real life, applicable real estate training and insight that you can take back to implement in your business right away. No Fluff and BS like many other events”

About Brant

Brant Phillips image

“My name is Brant Phillips. I'm a full-time real estate investor and entrepreneur and I love motivating and equipping others to go out and take action in their real estate investing businesses. 

We have have a ton of content and exciting information to share with you during this one time event, so I truly hope that you'll be able to join us."

— Brant Phillips

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