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Meet Your Mentor & Business Partner

Brant Phillips is the man who has the power to change your life…

    • 2003 Purchased his first home while in collage at the age of 23
    • 2006 Graduated college with 25 homes, became financial free and quit his job
    • 2006 Wrote “The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth” documenting the BEST real estate  strategy for building wealth
    • 2007 Built his company to help investors transact the best turn key real estate
    • 2009 Man-handled the recession for mega profits while mastering out-of-state investing for maximum growth and cash flow
    • 2015 Launched his YouTube channel, wrote more books, held several incredible events and created thousands of successful students
    • 2018 Has officially transacted over 4,000 deals, nearly a billion dollars in real estate, averaging over 20%+ ROI
    • 2019 YOU’RE READING THIS and witnessing how Brant is going to help you make your next Million in Real Estate with No Money and No Credit



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Brant CAN’T Partner with Everyone

There are limited number of amazing deals. Brant’ Power Team follows his strict investment system which means there is a limited supply of deals that work.
Currently Brant is letting in new Business Partners like you, called Mavericks, to build wealth with. Once in, you’re in for life! HOWEVER, take note─this opportunity WILL NOT always be available. Brant and his team only allow a certain number of partners to join – so they can crush their real estate expectations and results.