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My name is Stephen Latham

My wife, Shelley, and I had been interested in getting into real estate investing for some time.

We read several books on the subject, one being Brant Phillips book “How to Flip a House; 7 Fundamentals of a Highly Successful Flip”. After reading his book and praying on the matter, we decided that we wanted to contact Brant and talk to him about his training program to see if we wanted to pursue it further.

We liked Brant’s outlook on flipping houses as well as his approach to life in general. While this was going on, the company I worked for in the Natural gas industry decided to do a corporate restructure which included laying off thirty-six of their salaried employees, one of which was myself. At this point, after much prayer, my wife and I decided that we were going to move forward with Brant’s help and get into real estate investment full time.

We decided on the one-on-one coaching program with Brant and jumped right in. Brant Phillips and Chris Adkins met us on our first trip to Houston to Invest Home Pro and we spent the day together talking about the training process and our goals. They are very approachable and easy to work with, while at the same time they tell you how it is without pulling any punches.

We could tell right away that they were the kind of people that we wanted to be in business with and have as part of our network of mentors, friends and entrepreneurs.

Over the next few months they worked with us teaching us the foundation that we needed to start our real estate investment business. We set goals for where we would like to be by the end of the year and with their help we exceeded our goals.

We began with Brant in June and by end of December we had purchased five properties to flip, two of which we rehabbed and had back on the market. We appreciate all the help that Brant and Chris have given us and the friendships that have been forged through this process. We both highly recommend Brant and team if you are interested in getting into the Real Estate Investment Business.

Through Brants coaching

I have learned practical strategies for acquiring and profiting through real estate.

I would highly recommend Brant Phillips and his team for real estate and life coaching. They take a no nonsense approach. If you have a thin skin, Brant is not for you. If you want to level up, this man can help you do it.

I appreciate how I can approach him or his team about any topic and they are not holding out or trying to pitch a product.

This man is a doer and can help you take the steps you need to be a master in real estate.

Chris B
You always over deliver!

Breakthrough at the Beach

I took all of your training from Breakthrough at the Beach to heart and I’ve been expanding my potential ever since!
From the event, I got the motivation and clarity I needed (that I knew that I always had within me) to step out and finally start my own company.
And YES(!), I have broke free from my successful, but unfulfilling career where I was making some else’s dreams come true.
I am focusing 100% on creating my new business then I’ll be applying what I learned to reignite my wealth real estate investing pursuits that I had let become stagnant for so long.
On a personal level, I am daily doing the ‘Work’ as you taught us to do by: praying, journaling, spending quality time with my family to create loving/memorable moments, I’m drinking my green smoothies and exercising!
I’ve learned I can shift out of ‘negative’ emotions/feelings and remain calm no matter what and I’m now doing something I love every day.
I came to the beach to be a real estate millionaire because I was tired and afraid of the short term future I was looking at in June. But I left with so much more!
Yes, I learned EVERYTHING I need for my real estate business, but like I said, I left with SO MUCH MORE!
I left the beach with a fire of inspiration from you and your trainers that I was called to be the man God sent me here to be. Right now! Not later! And the wealth of knowledge and inspiration I gained that weekend has paid ME well.
I look forward to each new day, to move forward and expand.
I am the beginning of one of your success stories if not one already!
Chris B
Thanks Brant, I am Grateful.
Rick W.

Hi All, My name is Jeff Scheffe

I am 53 years old and I live in Wichita Falls Texas.I am a supervisor in a manufacturing plant full-time and I am a real estate investor part-time. Due to my rotating schedule at the plant I am able to work BOTH. My goal is to eventually replace my manufacturing job with real estate and become a real estate entrepreneur full time.

I found Breakthrough at the Beach one day at home while looking on the internet for something new. I watched the video for Breakthrough, and thought that this sounds like something I need to do. So while I was thinking about attempting to sign up, the voice came in saying: “it’s probably not even still going on, you cant do that, this Brant guy is probably a crook out to just get your money, your broke – you can’t afford to go, you will fail.” etc

The thing is, for years & years I kept hearing this voice inside telling me, the life you’re living is not all there is, there’s more!!! It hit me that this could be the path to the ‘More’ I have been dreaming of.

So I filled out the questionnaire to see if I would be selected, fully expecting to never even hear back from Brant. I was totally surprised that within a day I got a call from Brant. We talked and he told me the cost. That is when the voice came back and said, “I told you, you’re broke, you can’t do this, what the hell were you thinking?”. But then a calm came over me and said, “Jeff you have no choice, if you want to move forward in life, you have to go.”

On a personal level, I am daily doing the ‘Work’ as you taught us to do by: praying, journaling, spending quality time with my family to create loving/memorable moments, I’m drinking my green smoothies and exercising!

So I sold my 4X4 Bronco to get the money to pay for it…One of the BEST decisions of my life!!!

I went to the beach thinking it was a real estate training course, but what I got was so much more!!! That is where I first was introduced to F4. Faith, Family, Fitness & Finance.

Before Breakthrough, I felt I was good all of these, but I soon realized that I was coming up short in all of them.


I went to church services weekly, but Faith is not about going to church, it is about how you live your life with God. How you listen and follow his destined path for you. I spent my life trying to do things my way without faith, Either paralyzed by the fear voice or knocking down doors I had no business in. I have a deeper sense of Faith now, I still go to services, but they are more meaningful now, not just going through the motions. I Listen more, in order to Know more.


I am dating a beautiful woman who I love very much. I have 1 son married to a wonderful daughter in-law. I also have 2 daughters, 2 granddaughters & 2 dogs. Before Breakthrough I would be hit and miss, if anybody needed anything I was there, but as a family we really were not connected anymore. Each kid had moved out and was making their way in the world. Now I at least talk to them as well as my parents & siblings weekly. I make the time to be in their life. The time with them now is just so much more enjoyable then before Breakthrough. My relationships with them are so much stronger now.


Before Breakthrough my fitness was hit and miss. My girlfriend had showed me the proper way to eating better, but I was very hit and miss on my workout routine. Now I continue to eat right but I also have upped my workouts. I currently am training to Ride in the ‘Hotter–N–Hell’ 100 mile bicycle ride here in Wichita Falls at the end of August. Before Breakthrough I would never even have attempted it.


Before Breakthrough I could only dream of a better way of life. I was living basically pay check to pay check, just staying even. While I was able to help my family out when they got into financial crisis, the money was not there to enjoy life. Breakthrough has put me on that path!!! I will be signing papers and getting the keys to TWO homes this week. One I will flip after it is rehabbed for a profit in the neighborhood of $25,000 and the other I will be renting with positive cash flow each month.

Before Breakthrough this would not have been possible, I would have let the unknown stop me. I would say the factory is good to me, it is stable, you have put in 30 years, surely you are not going to throw that away are you? I would not have fought through the fears of failure. The FEARS, HOLDING ONTO THE PAST, BEATING MYSELF UP OVER PAST MISTAKES, all these things were real before Breakthrough.

They are still real, but I am able to see them, to recognize them up front now. So now I listen and proceed because of the learning in the Breakthrough Brotherhood.


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