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When times get tough….

I’m looking around and times are tough and rough for a lot of folks.

Specifically in the Real Estate world that I play in, but many areas overall.

Here’s some of what I’m speaking of:
• The median home price is 6× the median annual income.
>>> Comparison…Fifty years ago it was only 2x annual income

• Half of Americans are not able to cover a $500 medical bill without taking on debt

• At the same time, Household debt is at an all-time high

• Suicide rates on the rise

• Marriage rates are down…mainly, because people are too broke to get married

The bottom line, people’s houses and lives are not in order.

People are broken spiritually, financially, physically & relationally but trying to ‘look good’ to the outside world while they’re dying inside.

Sheryl Crow, ‘Happiness isn’t having what you want it’s wanting what you’ve got’’

I like that.

It’s a good thing to appreciate what you have and be content and grateful.

But God said to go forth and multiply and to prosper.

So for those of you going through seasons of drought and struggle, don’t get too complacent and content in that space.

Seasons of struggle are unavoidable at times, but it doesn’t mean you have to stay stuck there forever.

Trust me, I’ve gone through more sh*t storms than I care to admit and going through some trials now as we speak

But what I’ve always experienced is this: a Silver Lining

When we are faced with our challenges, we are always presented with a choice to go to Battle, and when we do, a Breakthrough is always eminent

So my friend, don’t get too content in your discomfort.

Appreciation for what you have is good, but settling for less than your God-given abilities and potential is not acceptable.

Many, if not most of you reading this know you’ve been called to BE & DO better than you currently are.

Life & Business are battles.

In order to win, you’re going to have to be willing to wage war.

Internal & External.

And the time is now my friend.

And if you don’t…’ll just be a part of the negative statistics that most of the masses succumb to.

*If you’re a Man that’s stuck and stagnant in life and business and know you should be doing and experiencing more, but can’t get unstuck for some reason, reply back to this email with ‘I’m Ready To Brkthru’ and let’s get you back on track and moving your life and family back to where they should be.

It’s time for your BRKTHRU