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3-Day Live Event Training for Real Estate Investors

THIS EVENT is about BEING EQUIPPED with all of the information, education, and most importantly, MINDSET you need to get out onto and take action in order to see REAL RESULTS in your real estate investing business in 2018.

THIS EVENT is about showing you how I started in real estate with Zero Knowledge and Zero Cash and how you can do the same! So be sure to leave your excuses at the door because we won’t be wanting to waste time on listening to what you don’t have, this event is about showing HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT!

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What is Wealth Passage Live?

This is a 3-Day Real Estate Investor Experience where you will learn The 7 Fundamentals of Real Estate taught by Brant Phillips that will cover EVERYTHING you need to know about how to create a successful and sustainable Real Estate Investing Business:


Just like in all fields of human endeavor, your attitude and mindset will dictate how far you will go and how much you will accomplish. If you plan on being a successful real estate investor for any length of time, you will experience occasional setbacks along the way. What separates those who will thrive from those who will collapse under pressure, is not only the individual’s personal experience and knowledge, but also (and perhaps, more importantly) their personal mindset and determination. Brant will show you how to develop a winning mindset that will translate into you creating investing success.


You must quickly learn how to create deal flow in your business, or you don't stand a chance. Not only will you learn how to set up Direct Marketing campaigns, but you'll also learn how to utilize OPT (Other Peoples Time) to bring you deals. Brant will also show you how to open up multiple Deal Flow "Lead Valves". The idea of course behind this is simple: the more deals that are flowing to you, the more opportunities you will have to Do Deals. One of the key factors that will separate those who will thrive and those who will fail in this business is the volume and quality of their Deal Flow. 


You will learn the critical factors that will help you determine whether or not to proceed with a particular deal: After Repair Value, Comparative Market Analysis, Days on Market etc. Knowing all these factors will help you ensure each deal you take down will yield profits. Better yet, you will learn how to Evaluate your deals quickly and easily using Brant's system. This process will help you quickly analyze deals to make sure that you're putting yourself in position to make money on each deal you do. Better yet, we will show you how to analyze each deal with four options to make money via 4 income streams from single family homes.


Estimating repairs is a skill indeed, but you need not worry too much because it’s a fairly a rather easy one to learn. The first step is by determining WHAT needs to be repaired and to this end, you should always consider repairs that MUST be done, repairs that SHOULD be done and repairs that may be done to WOW prospective buyers. Learn the difference between making a Blind Estimate and an ccurate Estimate and become an expert at doing both – this will help you evaluate deals effectively and accurately. 


Learn how to use O.P.M. (Other people’s Money) for your deals. Raising capital is the #1 Skill that every Real Estate Entrepreneur needs to have in their arsenal to succeed in this business. Not having money to invest is NOT an excuse! 

While it is important to become familiar with all of the available funding sources you can use to close your deals, such as: banks, hard money lenders, other creative options, make no mistake about, Brant is all about raising pricate money and the bottom line is that Brant will show you exactly how he's raised millions of dollars to run his business with an incredibly simple to execute system that his students have been able to produce similar results on their very first deal!


Learn Brant's unique system of '5 Phases of Rehab' and how to integrate them into your business to assure that your renovation projects move smoothly, on time and on budget to satisfy the 3 Goals of a Rehab: Budget, Time & Quality. 

Brant and his team has performed hundreds of Rehabs since he began investing so you will get access to the exact systems he uses to 'Coordinate the Chaos' avoiding the heartaches and financial setbacks so many investors experience while mishandling the rehab phase of their investment deals.

INCOME GENERATION: Multiple Exit Strategies 

One of the absolutely critical fundamentals of a successful and sustainable investing business is to focus on buying deals that have MULTIPLE EXIT STRATEGIES. Brant will show you how to create a business so that allows you to thrive in any market by focusing on deals that provide at least four ways to generate income:


This fundamental lesson, once learned, is much more than simply generating Income, but truly creating a Passage into Wealth.

See what others who attended this event have to say...

“Fantastic, Informing, Motivational."

A lot of meat and potatoes, real life, applicable real estate training and insight that you can take back to implement in your business right away."

"No Fluff and No BS like so many of the other Real Estate Investor events”

Wealth Passage Live's Event Host:

EXPERT Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur & Coach 


My name is Brant Phillips. I'm a full-time real estate investor and entrepreneur. I'm here because I want to help you create some REAL RESULTS to take your real estate investing to the next level. 

I created the 7 Fundamentals system to achieve a highly successful-and sustainable business. I will be taking you through it in this event.

I believe in content over delivery to provide you with the tools you need to begin-or excel in all of your Real Estate Investing endeavors.  

I am a Private Money advocate and have MASTERED how to access it. I'll show you my strategy on how you can too.