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1O year Goal: Done in 1 year

Think about this one.

What are some things that are way ‘far off’ goals?

They’re probably sitting on your ‘someday’ shelf.

Yes, these are the goals that may even seem impossible.

But go ahead, think about some of them.

Then ask yourself a question that begins with one of the most powerful words available to us, which is: HOW?

How could I accomplish This/These in 1 year?’

See what begins to happen.

This is how the mind starts to come alive and go to work.

It will go to work for you to explore new possibilities.

It will look for ways to create shortcuts and leverage opportunities that you may not have considered before.

This is what I experienced when I was dead broke, living in an apartment and had zero experience in business or real estate, yet I was able to buy 10 rental properties that year while working a full-time job.

I asked myself HOW I could do it, right there and then…I didn’t want to wait, I wanted the outcome that year.

Look, we all have a tremendous amount of resources, technology and support systems like never before to drastically collapse time and hyper speed results.

But it all starts with the vision within you and the belief that it can be done.

Yes, and massive amounts of work.

But try it.

When you think BIG, also ask, How can I/We do this 10 times faster?

Look around at the world.

It’s amazing and things can move fast these days.

So start moving forward on those distant goals today, but instead of viewing them as distant goals, ask yourself HOW can I begin to bring this to life now?

Go for greatness.

Stop procrastinating.

And while it may seem impossible, remember this:

People who do impossible things make it seem possible for others.

Go ahead.

Begin to create the Impossible.

It all starts with asking yourself HOW….

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