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A Case Study Flip (Brazos Glen Lane)




Hey there! I’m excited to share another case study flip in this video. Many of you have asked for more of these, so I’m here to give you what you’ve been requesting – more case studies and real-life real estate content that’s relevant in today’s market. We’re living in crazy times, especially in the world of real estate, so my goal with these case studies is to provide you with valuable lessons that you can use to grow your business. I’m not just talking about random ideas – these are fundamental principles that can help you not only make money from flipping houses but also create a sustainable business in any market.

I will go through some before and after pictures of the rehab we did, as well as share how we found, financed, and flipped the deal. You will find out WHY this deal is a ‘bread-and-butter’ deal. If all of our flips could be exactly like this one, we would do it.

Make sure to watch the video until the end, because in the coming week whoever has the BEST QUESTION or COMMENT can either Get a Copy of my Private Lender Playbook, or you can Get a Copy of my How to Flip a House book!  I will personally have this mailed to you and sign it in the mail.

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You don’t want to miss this opportunity of earning a little prize just by watching the video. :)

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