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A Country Flip Walk-Thru


Hey, I’m going to share with you another rural flip property we are currently working on. The property is located next to a junkie house and there is a lot of junk and debris on the property that needs to be removed. While the house is in poor condition, we see a lot of potential with the right renovations. Our plans for the property include eliminating unsightly features such as the neighboring house and updating the fencing, as well as performing necessary foundation work. To save on costs, we intend to retain some of the existing siding and acoustic paneling ceilings while replacing other parts of the house. However, significant work will need to be done on the walls and flooring, and we also have concerns about the impact of the local climate on the house’s structure. Despite these challenges, we remain optimistic that the finished product will be a beautiful and inviting space. Make sure to watch the whole video and stay tuned for more exciting content coming your way. Don’t miss out on our upcoming videos that will provide you with further insights and follow-ups on the topic we’ve just discussed.

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