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This house is a little bit creepy, but as you walk with me in this video I’ll explain why we decided to take on this project.

This particular home is a pier and beam home, with a tin roof and some ‘bootleg’ additions. It is less than 1000 sqft, but we plan on giving it a complete overhaul. So far, we’ve already done the foundation and will be moving on to installing new siding, mostly new windows, plumbing, electrical, AC, water heater – basically everything! Our goal is to transform this property into a two-bedroom, one-bathroom residence that we can sell for around $150,000.

Once our work is complete, you won’t even recognize this house – it will feel like new! And, considering we acquired it for just $22,000, this project should be a great deal and win-win for all involved.

Thanks for joining me on this tour, and I will make sure that I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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