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A Man of Mystery

After spending so many decades of life primarily focused on the external pursuits, and far less time on the internal, I’m finding more and more that God is a Man of mystery.

When you submit and commit to ‘Listen’ and obey the Voice, what I’ve learned is that it’s best to expect the unexpected.

And the path that we set out for ourselves is rarely the path that he will call us to walk upon.

That ‘thing’ that we think will be so great, he will want us to give it away or to set it down just when we want to hold onto it the most.

The word we want to hear will be something exactly the opposite or completely out of left field.

It’s a dance, this relationship with God.

And I’ve found that for me to be ‘usable’ by him, I must be willing to ‘stay on my toes’ and dance and be willing to GO when that small still voice speaks.

Look at many of my posts, my emails and videos…

I never thought I would be writing and sharing things like this.

But, the voice appears, and the words come to mind, so I just share what is there.

So yes, God works in mysterious ways is certainly a truth that I accept.

And I’m learning how to ‘Dance’ and to be led, which, as a bit of a control freak for the first 49 years of my life, is a bit humbling at times.

It’s a game of surrender, in order to experience Freedom.

It’s the damnedest thing in this game of life and a relationship with God.

It’s almost as if what I used to think was up, is now down, and vice versa.

And it’s definitely a dance….a Dance with Destiny, in pursuing God.

Or is it that he’s pursuing me?

Perhaps both.

Not sure, but I am sure of this:

Life is about continual expansion.

If you’re not growing, well you’re dying, or at least, decaying.

Said another way that I read recently:

‘Sin happens whenever we refuse to keep growing’’

So my friend, I’m not here to preach, simply to teach what I’ve been experiencing in my dance with God lately.

But I do suggest you consider that there is a journey and an Internal adventure you may be missing out on.

I believe that his goal for us on this earth is for our Growth.

He wants us to produce Fruit.

Externally and Internally.

And for us to grow, we must learn to trust.

This is where that Mystery comes in.

Because to trust, it often means we must be willing to be Led into some areas that we likely didn’t want to go and do some things we didn’t plan to do.

But oh, this can be the exciting part my friends.

When we learn that fear can be transformed into excitement when we simply BREATHE DEEPLY, then we can begin to see how the game of Mystery works to our advantage….

And we learn to let him lead and we simply abide.

Yes, the ‘goals of life’ have shifted for me significantly lately.

After spending the First of Life pursuing mostly ME and the external rewards of life, I’ve come alive again with what has been going on in my heart.

Again, I never thought I would be ‘that guy’ who talks about God. But, hey, here I am.

What’s next?

Not sure, it’s still a Mystery to me, but I’ll follow the lead and see where he takes me.

*If you’re a Man that’s stuck and stagnant in life and business and know you should be doing and experiencing more, but can’t get over the hump for some reason, message me and let’s get you into the dance my friend.

It’s time for your BRKTHRU

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