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A question for Men

Men, I have a question for you.

It’s a simple question, yet so difficult for most Men to answer.

What do you want?

Not what you want for dinner or where you want to go for vacation.

I’m talking about if you had the permission and runway to truly do what you want, and be who you wanted to be.

What would you want?

Who would you be?

Let’s not worry about HOW right at this moment.

Never put the HOW, before the WHAT or the WHY.

You must first find the WHAT.

Then dig into the WHY.

The HOW part we will figure out later.

But for now, let’s look into HOW do you find the WHAT?

It’s simple, it is written on your heart.

It’s always been there, you’ve probably just suppressed or sedated it for so long that it’s only at a level 1 out of 100, so you rarely hear it calling to you anymore.

But it’s in there.

If you’re like most Men in society, you sold out and traded your heart for a job, or maybe even a career, woo-hoo.

I get it.

I did the same.

But it ate at me inside.

It ate me badly because what I wanted was clear to me, and I knew it would never happen working for that company.

What did I want?

I wanted to be a Free Man.

I didn’t know everything I wanted for my life back then, and I still don’t know now, but I knew that I wanted time and Financial Freedom.

And I knew why.

It was rather simple, with time and financial freedom I knew I would be able to create space and time to find my next WHAT’S that would surface for me.

But back to you.

What do you want?

Spend some time with this.

Focus on it until you find the WHAT that is hidden in your heart.

Go on long walks and talk to yourself about it.

Journal and jot notes about what you think it may be.

Be still.

IT IS in there, it’s probably just buried deep, so that means you’re going to have to bury deep to find it.

And when you do discover and get clear on what you want, that’s when the magic happens and you can begin to come alive.

This is where the pursuit and adventure inside of you begin to awaken.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to quit your job or do something extreme.

Although your WHAT may lead you to take some extreme actions, yet it may not.

Some of you are called to write, or to speak, or to lead, or to play music, or to start a business, or lead a movement, or be a part of a movement.

This will obviously be different for every Man.

But what I can assure of is this, when you find it, you will have a decision to make.

To pursue it, or repress back into sedation and convincing yourself that it’s not true or not possible.

But for the brave and bold out there, yes, it will require you to begin to pursue it.

To take actions that move you towards being the Man you feel called to be.

Small steps taken daily can take you great distances over time.

But you must start to step.

You must begin to pursue it.

It’s called being alive my friend.

It’s called living with some Adventure and telling your boredom and conservative self to fuck off.

To pursue your heart, doesn’t mean it will be easy, it will likely be madness at times.

But life without meaning or purpose is a death sentence and you know it.

So maybe it’s time to Unchain your heart.

You just have to answer one simple question:

What is it that you want?

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