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A world with broken and dying Men [Help]

Yes, we live in a world with broken and dying men.

And I need your help.

Men are dying physically, financially, relationally and spiritually.

I’m writing content for a new site that I’m working on and I’m looking for feedback.

For anyone willing to read this from start to finish, I would greatly appreciate your unfiltered feedback.

its starts below:


It’s what you want.

Time and financial freedom to create the life and wealth that you’ve dreamed about for yourself and for your family.

Yes, time and financial freedom is where it starts, but that’s not all you want.

You want to be a great husband and father.

You want to have a great sex life

You want to feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror

You want to make big money in business & real estate

And you want to feel connected to God and feel like you’re making an impact with your life.

You want to be in control of your life and free of addictions

And You want to be the Fucking Man.

That’s what every man desires

but the sad truth is…

Your falling short

And the goal of achieving what you want is fading away

And your goals of the past are fading away like a distant memory at this point

Look my friend, if changing the course of your life and your legacy truly matters to you, then we need to get a couple of things straight right now.

First off, before I go any further, what I’m going to share on this page is not going to be for every Man.

Because what is going to be discussed here, truthfully, most Men are not willing to put in the work that is required to have what they say they truly want.

If you can’t be completely honest & real with where you’re at in life today…

And if you’re not ready to make some serious changes, you should not waste anymore time here, because this is not for you.

And you can leave this page now.

Because I know, whether you want to admit it or not, you are struggling right now.

You may be struggling in your marriage,

In your finances,

In your relationships with your children

Possibly with addictions: alcohol, weed, porn, food, tv, with who knows what, only you know.

Perhaps suffering from shitty health.

And most likely in your relationship with God.

If you even have a relationship with him anymore.

And no, just going through the motions and going to church on Sundays doesn’t count.

What counts is fruit and results, so if you don’t have fruit and results in your life, then what you’re doing isn’t working.

Here’s the deal, if you can’t even admit that certain areas of your life are not working, or they are at least not where they need to be, then you can’t even begin to repair what you can’t even admit is broken.

It all comes down to telling the fucking truth.

And if you can’t be honest with yourself, then you’re a fucking liar and with that mindset, you’re currently beyond help, so lets face some truth right here and now:

Creating a Life that you’re truly passionate about and that will lead to time and financial freedom, is not fucking easy and is not for most men.

So the question is: Are you like most men?

I know the challenges that come along the road to creating freedom and success because after creating huge financial success and fame, I found myself on the verge of divorce, drinking almost every damn day and empty inside.

After starting from nothing, literally living in an apartment, with no money in the bank, I started my business by borrowing money from a credit card to do my first real estate investment deal.

And I did 10 more deals that same year while working a full-time job.

I eventually left that job soon thereafter and took my company to Inc 5000 status and was being asked to go on the news to be interviewed, speak at big conferences, I wrote books, you name it, and in a relatively short period of time, I had became a multimillionaire running multiple companies, a growing family, the house of our dreams and had the financial and social status I had dreamed of just a few years after starting from zero.

but then…

I almost lost it all.

And it wasn’t pretty.

The reason I almost lost it all will surprise you and I’ll share more of that later on.

But I want to focus on you now, and get back to the question: Are you like most men?

Only you can decide.

Here’s what it’s like to be ‘most men’

Most men are shitty to average husbands compared to a husband that treats his wife like a queen and creates a deeply connected and passionate marriage.

Most men are an ok dad compared to being a great Father.

Most men play it safe and stay in their comfort zone with a job or their business rather than to reach for new heights financially and create substantial wealth for their loved ones.

Most men stay pudgy and out of shape rather than bringing their fitness and body back to a place of vitality and feeling weaponized.

And most men disconnect from God, perhaps even lose all of their faith whatsoever, rather than to put in the work and pursue an authentic relationship with God that truly guides their decisions and speaks to their heart.

This is not easy.

Because when you’re being led by your heart and led by God, there’s times where you will be asked to ‘walk by faith’ and that means some difficult real Man shit.

Look, I do not know you my friend, so I do not know your heart and what is inside of you.

But I will tell you this, when it comes to creating results in life and business,

I’ve seen this generally play out in one of two ways for men:

A lot of men will attempt to begin to build a life that is perhaps good and worthy, but most Men will eventually fail either because:

They weren’t FULLY EQUIPPED.

And they ultimately settle for some less than desirable marriage, job or business and overall existence in life that is unfulfilling at best, that they possibly hate, or even worse, they pretend that they’re happy with.

Then there is another group of men.

Men who will create exceptional results in one or more areas of life, but in doing so, they have limited focus on only those areas of life, and they will simultaneously burn to the ground the other Core areas of their life.

For example, I know a lot of hard charging entrepreneurs or work alcoholics that will ultimately sacrifice their marriage, and most often, will burn their marriage to the ground and end up divorced or completely detached from their wife.

Or men who are great Husbands and fathers, but continually fail to bring home the bacon and while they’re wife and children love them as a father, they don’t understand why they continually live in scarcity and often wonder why their Husband or Father can’t provide more for them financially?

And some Men simply choose to give up on staying in shape and they neglect their health and fitness, even though they are successful in other areas of life.

And many, if not most Men, will do as I did, and along the way, become severely and utterly detached spiritually.

Ultimately, they will find themselves lost and completely broken inside.

Broken, Lost and feeling all Alone.

From what I’ve observed and experienced, today’s typical Men share a common feeling of being ‘stuck’ in these horrific places and worse yet, are unable to change their habits and actions and therefore, unable to create impactful/effective and lasting upgrades in their results of life.

So instead, they settle for a life of quiet and silent desperation.
Days are filled with brokeness, misery and unfulfillment.

And rather than doing the work required to create the change they desire, they continue to remain in that state of feeling helpless and stuck so they resort to pretending that the sad situation that is now their life isn’t true.

They lie to themselves because the truth is too difficult and overwhelming to deal with.
And they begin to secretly escape from the pressures of everyday life and turn to alcohol, weed, food, pornography, affairs, drugs, or even just obsessive amounts of television and social media in attempts to sedate or numb that feeling they have inside.

And most Men who find themselves in this situation will simply give up.

They give up on their dreams.

They will give up on their family.

They give up on life.

Possibly even you.

You’ve given up.

Or maybe…

Maybe you’re at a point in your life where you may be trying to find that FIRE you once had.

But somewhere along the way you’ve lost the fuel and the drive to keep going and you’re lost and filled with uncertainty.

You’re wondering if this is really what the rest of your life looks like?

And you feel all alone.

And I get it brother, life is tough.

But here’s the thing my friend, we know, when things get tough, most men will give up.

But some men?

Some Men are built different.

While most men will breakdown.

Some Men will choose to Fight and Breakthrough.

And maybe that’s you.

Because not too terribly long ago, my back was against the wall and I chose to fight.

I made a decision to change my path and to create freedom and connection in ALL AREAS OF MY LIFE.

I discovered a simple CODE to live by that led me down a path to ‘having it all’.
In a very short time, I was able to discover a deep spiritual connection and purpose to God that I had never experienced and completely changed my life.

I reignited my Marriage and relationships with my Children and took our family to entirely different levels.

I began to take control of my addictive habits and weaponize my body into a vessel of strength and power.

And I began to create lasting financial success in business and real estate in a very short period of time, at a time in my life that many around me said would be impossible.

But I did it.

And I share this with you, not to impress, but to impress upon you the possibilities that exist for you and also, to WARN you about what happened to me along the way so you don’t fall into the same entrapments that I did.

You see, if you fast forward a few years later in my life after I experienced business success, for all appearances, I had made it.

I had created the freedom and wealth I had dreamed of.

I had the business and real Estate investments I had desired.

I was a best selling author, I was being asked to go on the news as a business expert, working on a pilot for a television series….

One of my companies reached the Inc 5000 status.

I thought that I had the game of life and business all figured out…until I almost lost it all.

My name is Brant Phillips.

I’m a husband and father, a business owner & real estate investor, I’ve spoken to thousands from the stage, I’ve written multiple books and more importantly, I’ve been able to take my businesses to entirely new levels, while at the same time creating a marriage that thrives, strengthening the relationships with my children, taking my health and fitness to new levels and most importantly.

I stand firmly knowing that I am a Son of God and I’ve regained the spiritual connection and calling in my heart that I severed in the past.


If this message resonates with you from what I’ve shared so far, and you feel a calling in your heart to have more and be more as a Man, please take action.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, or private message me, either way is fine my friend, but don’t stay in the state you’re in.

There is a path that leads you to where you need to be, you just need to get back on track.

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