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Consider This:

Your Actions will follow your Identity.

Who you are and what you believe in will manifest in your actions, whether you do it intentionally or not.

Simply put, we do the things that are instinctive to us.

These actions, no matter how small and mundane, are second nature to us. We will always find ourselves doing, or trying to do, what we always wanted to do. If we try to do something in a way that we are not comfortable with, just keep doing it for some time and let yourself go for a while, then you’ll realize ‘hey, this isn’t so bad’.

That’s because we have incorporated our own little methods and quirks into what we are doing. Maybe you even enjoyed what you were doing a little. But what if you did what you wanted, how you wanted it to be done? That would definitely feel amazing.

Our Creation comes from our Core.

This is why you often hear me talk about the importance of getting fully connected to the ‘Calling in your Heart’.

Know what you want. Know your desires, your strengths, you passion. Be at peace with yourself. Take time to learn more about yourself.

And if you seek then you shall find.

Let’s be real, how often does a life-changing opportunity suddenly just land right smack in your doorstep? Rarely, if not never. Don’t wait until something happens. The world won’t stop for you.

Make every day,

every hour,

every minute,

and even every second





Take control of your life by focusing on what your heart yearns for. Be in harmony with yourself. Why spend time doing something that doesn’t give the feeling of accomplishment (even if you did terribly)? The point is you did what you are passionate about and you learned something from doing it. Maybe you learned how to do it better, maybe you learned about your limits; the goal is that you genuinely enjoyed what you did and came out as a better person from it.

And when you begin to get a glimpse of finding that calling that resonates with you, you should then throttle down with every fiber of your being so that you instinctively know what actions to take or to disregard.

This calling in your heart is obedience (Actions) to your genetic/spiritual identity which will ultimately be the source of your success; and the lack thereof will be the root of your failure. If you did something you were totally against, guess what would happen. Your heart will fight with you and you will find yourself dragged down and unable to function at optimum levels. This will probably result into a subpar endeavor. Don’t let your time and effort go to waste.

Once you learn what you want, you will learn how to get what you want and eventually succeed in everything you do, and ultimately, in life. Think of it this way: would you lie and make a fool out of yourself? Of course not. Your body knows how to succeed. Your heart knows the path to success.

You’ve heard me say time and time again that, CERTAINTY IS POWER. This rings true and it is evident here in that the actions that you take are directly correlated to your identity and who you believe yourself to BE.

Once again, your Actions will follow your Identity. Be true to yourself, and the rest will follow. Everything will fall into place.

So that only leaves one question left to ask…. What is your Identity?


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