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Announcement: PRIVATE LENDER PLAYBOOK book is finally here!

am happy to announce that my latest book, the PRIVATE LENDER PLAYBOOK has launched and is officially available on
We did a local launch last month and we’ve already hit multiple #1 bestseller rankings on Amazon and the response/feedback so far, well, it’s been very, very humbling to me to be honest.
It has been extremely crazy busy in my life and businesses lately with speaking/travel and preparing for Wealth Passage Live events and buying a lot of houses, so much so that we haven’t done a great job of promoting the book, but it is here at last, and it FEELS GREAT to see this book come to life.
This book is all about educating lenders on HOW TO PASSIVELY INVEST IN REAL ESTATE AS A PRIVATE MORTGAGE LENDER and much, much, more.
Of course, for all of my real estate investor friends and followers, I think you’ll gain as much insight as well from the book to help you in your raising private money pursuits.
You can learn more about the book and even download a free chapter at
Lastly, many, many thanks to alot of people to get this one out!
Nathan (H Quincy Long) and everyone at #QuestIRA for their help and support

And of course, all of my team at #InvestHomePro and last, and certainly not least….

To all of our Private Lenders/Partners (AKA: friends) that have trusted in our company and invested with us for many, many years, in hundreds of transactions, I have tremendous gratitude and appreciation for each and everyone of you.


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