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As a Man, Husband, Father & Business Owner

As a Man, Husband, Father & Business Owner, there is a tremendous responsibility to use wisdom and fiscal responsibility when guiding our family and teams.

We continually analyze the consequences of short-term and long-term decisions that must be made while analyzing the risks and rewards of these choices.

Logic. Evidence. Numbers. Past Experience. Data….like a computer processing code, our minds go to work to compile the information needed to make the ‘best’ decisions that are available for that situation.

But there are times when in our Heart of hearts, we ‘feel’ something so deep and real and true that we MUST DO that defies all of the logic and data that we’ve relied so heavily on in the past to make our decisions.

It’s as if we find ourselves standing at a road that is diverging into 2 separate and distinct paths to take, and we can only choose one.

There is the path of safety & reason.

And there is the other path.

The other path does not have a name, but it is somehow magically calling you from deep within to move towards it and move in that direction…..

It’s a strange phenomenon.

But you feel this calling so deep inside that it’s ‘Truth’ outweighs all of the evidence/data you’ve compiled from your Logical thinking.

This is a choice I believe we will be faced with in our lives.

To answer the ‘Calling’ that comes from deep within, or continue down the road of logic and safety.

The choice is yours, but my encouragement to you is to listen closely when this voice calls out, because it is likely lovingly leading you towards the road where your true self will be found and reawakening will occur.

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