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Know that there’s a time and a season for everything

And while you may be going through a season of struggle, know that all seasons come to an end

So if you’re going through a season of being beaten and battered, tested and tattered, choose to battle no matter how difficult it becomes

And from this choice to battle and fight, you will find that your season of struggle has become a gift that will create in you a strength that will serve you in the future

This testing and strength you have gained, cannot be taken away

And from this place you can step into your next season of life, forged into a new person, forged and weaponized like never before

So don’t let lose sight and become weary my friend

Don’t let the obstacles and challenges knock you down….rather, welcome them

Smile and laugh at them as they appear as you simultaneously relentlessly work and battle to defeat them one by one

Yes, you will gain strength and grit from each and every opposition that appears

And as you come out of this season and look back on all you’ve been through, you will know that the expansion you have obtained can never be taken away… truly have become a new and greater version of yourself because you battled and endured the tests.

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