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Becky Hoffman Case Study with Brant Phillips

Becky Hoffman Case Study with Brant Phillips from Brant on Vimeo.

One of my favorite things as a real estate investor and coach is actually not the big paydays that my company makes from flipping houses and other real estate investing deals, but rather when I see one of my students apply what they learned through our training program and go out and execute it and do deals themselves.

Although Becky has done a few deals in the past, this was her first official flip property that she’s completed working with us. Becky is an ACTION TAKE, and a Real Estate Hustler and she did an amazingly great job managing her budget and contractors but also finding a deal with Zero Marketing Costs(!) and stuck to her numbers and game plan and is walking away with a solid $20,000 Flip Profit from this deal.

I am extremely excited for her and my other students seeing what they can make happen when they apply what we teach here, which is built on the 7 FUNDAMENTALS OF REAL ESTATE. If you’d like to learn more, feel free to contact me sometime and I can show more on what we are doing to help others create results what they desire and their life business.


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