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Brant Phillips Show 18: Only 2 Ways To Go

Welcome everybody to The Brant Phillips Show. Yes, I am Brant Phillips. Yes, this is the show dedicated to only one thing my friends and that is results. To helping you create results in your life and in your business. Sometimes this comes with little strategic strategy. Sometimes it’s a little motivational pep talk. Sometimes it’s just sharing with you some of the bumps and the bruises that I’ve experienced along my path to building my business and creating the life that I live now. Who knows what form or fashion that we’re going to help you create results? I’m going to do my best to help you do that.

What we’re going to talk about on today’s show is that there are only two ways to go. You are either drifting along or you are resulting. Yep, you’re right. I used the word resulting. I don’t know if this is a millennial thing or where it’s coming from but I’ve noticed that in today’s society and I’m putting this on you millennials. That’s right, I’m pointing a finger, I’m putting this on you, that you can basically just add –ing, -er, -ed, some kind of conjugation like that at the end of a word and it becomes a new word.

The other day the fridge, a little story for you, the refrigerator light went out on our refrigerator. My son opened up the refrigerator and the light was not working. He said, “Dad, the refrigerator broke. It’s not refrigerating anymore.” I’m like, “Refrigerating, huh?”

My question to you is, are you drifting or are you resulting? Are you moving closer to the results that you desire or have you flatlined? Are you going stagnant? This could just be for periods of your day. This topic is really coming about from something I’ve seen a lot, a lot, I see it more and more frequently it seems today and I’ve seen this over the last few years and quite frankly my entire life. I’m pointing to the ultimate pit of Driftam which is essentially social media and television. That is the pit of Driftam, social media and television.

I’m going to focus in a little bit on the real estate guru entrepreneurial coaching space a little bit and some of the TV shows and things like that in regards to what we do as entrepreneurs and as investors. I want you to consider that when you are on Driftabook, Driftagram, Driftitter or whatever, Driftaurist, theoretically they could all change their names to that because that’s what most people and I say most people use social media for. They use social media to drift and really to tell half of the story. A lot of the gurus, a lot of the people that you see showing the pictures after they’re all fixed up, all the makeup’s on place, or they’re sucking in that gut, whatever. They’re at the closing table, showing their check, you’re really only getting half the story.

That’s part of the reason that social media and television just all types of media is so popular is because it allows to essentially live vicariously through others, to experience a little piece of reality through others. True, it is a little piece of reality but it’s not the whole story. It’s not the whole story. The image that we really want, the image that we personally, if you do any social media posting or writing or anything like that, and I’m guilty of this myself, most often times what we want others to see is how things are like this is so great, this is so awesome. This is awesome.

What others don’t see, what others don’t see from these real estate gurus, these coaching gurus and house flippers and just social media people and just our friends, just our friends and neighbors and others is they don’t see that investor who behind the scenes is getting sued or fighting with his spouse or getting divorced or filing bankruptcy or calling a friend for a loan. I had a friend who’s a social media person, calling, hitting me up to borrow money. That’s what a lot of people don’t see. They don’t see the other side to the story.

Like I said, I’m not pointing fingers, I guess I am but I’ve also pointed this finger back at myself. Some of those of you that follow me on social media know that I’ve pointed out my flaws. I’ve been on the brink of divorce. I’ve struggled with alcoholism. I’ve been overweight and out of shape and just burned out and tired. You know what has gone wrong in my deals before. You know where the proverbial S-H-I beep, beep has gone, it’s gone wrong. It’s hit the wall. It’s hit the fan. I’ve been there and I’ve done that.

What I’m really talking about today is that when you get clear on what it is that you want, just consider that you’re either working towards creating that result or you’re drifting because much of what you’re seeing others put on Facebook, social media, whatever, Twitter, Instagram, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, it’s not the entire picture. There is an act of omission that’s often taking place.

Case in point is a lot of these marketing and coaching programs, they want to highlight how great this is going to be and you’re going to make all this money. That’s the sin of omission my friends because creating a really, really successful, however you define success, creating a really successful life and a business takes a lot of freaking work. It takes a lot of damn hard work. You are going to have to work your ass off my friends because this game of life and business and real estate is difficult at times.

I get to see through both sides of the story. I see through the lens of my story, my life, my personal life, my business, from where I was and where I started from which was nothing, which was buying my first house on a credit card and not knowing shit about real estate quite frankly. Excuse my French but that’s where I started from. Now I’ve seen the other side so I can attest that it’s hard and it’s a struggle but my friends, it’s worth it. I’ve seen this through the experiences of my students who come to me some of them knowing nothing to very, very little about real estate and some knowing more. I’ve seen my students who’ve played all in and created some incredible results. I’ve seen some who haven’t played all in and they’ve gotten caught up in that drift and in that fight.

Another thing I want those of you out there that are listening is realize this, realize this. I get it, social media is a part of life. I’m not saying like delete all social media accounts or anything like that. Use social media, turn your drift time into production. The people that you follow, don’t follow certain people. Let me just say that first, stop following certain people that there’s nothing useful or productive about certain people and certain threads on social media, period, done with discussion.

Realize that comparing yourself with others is a drift. If you’re watching whoever it may be, some big house flipper or investor or entrepreneur, be focused on one thing. Stop comparing yourself to them. I have people who come to me that are comparing themselves to me like I walk on water or something like that. Stop all that stuff. You should be focused on one thing, becoming the greatest version of yourself. Just becoming the greatest version of yourself. Don’t limit yourself by watching someone else. Don’t compare yourself to someone else in a negative light. You can make a very useful comparison on where someone is and try to duplicate or replicate the results but try to be better than that person. Try to create your own version.

For those of you who are going through one of my programs or you have or you’re going through a coaching program or a mentorship, try to be better than even your mentor, not to show them up or in showmanship but just to create your own unique path. Don’t limit yourself by watching other people. Find and extract the lesson for you and your life so that you can become the greatest version of yourself.

I’ll tell you, I love, absolutely hashtag love it when my students stop looking up to me as like an idol or something like that but rather start trying to compete with me. They stop looking up to me and start trying to compete with me and I love that. That means essentially like they have leveled up. Internally, their personal assessment of who they are and their self-worth, I know. That’s a shift whenever I sense there’s competition.

One of my students recently I was speaking to, reached out, we just connected hadn’t talked in a while and finished at my program a year or so ago maybe a year and a half ago, he just bought a 98 package deal, 98 homes he bought. I’m like, “Dude. Dude, that is so freaking incredible.” Guess what? When my students or people that I know and guys who I’m in Masterminds with, when they level up, when they create a next level of result, guess what? It motivates me to become greater and move further ahead and to hopefully motivate, encourage and inspire and equip whoever is listening to a podcast or going through one of my programs, whatever it may be.

The lesson here for you is don’t limit yourself by watching other people. Extract what is useful for you and become the greatest version of yourself. Create your own path and just go out and create results. When you’re drifting, let’s face it. We’re all going to do it. Set a time. Like, “I’m going to drift for these 20 or 30 minutes and watch TV or go on social media or whatever it is.” Don’t get fixed on the image of someone. Seek out the rest of the story like Paul Harvey used to say, “Now you know the rest of the story.”

Seek out the rest of that story with that person, with that mentor, with that strategy, with whatever it’s going to take to create that result. Stop watching the sports highlights and watch the whole game, watch the whole game. Hell, watch the warmups and the preseason and the offseason. Those are actually more pertinent to what actually happens during the game. The warmup, the preseason and the offseason, those are the things that actually create the results. “Champions aren’t made during the game. Champions are created during the offseason.” I love that. A friend of mine who played in the Super Bowl said that. “Champions are not made during the game. Champions are created during the offseason.”

My friends, every damn day for us in this game of life, in this game of business, it is the offseason. It’s the offseason and it’s the freaking game at the same time. We get an opportunity each and every day to choose if we’re going to drift or if we are going to create results.

My question to you as we close this out is that what is something or someone that you are looking up to or maybe negatively comparing yourself to that is not moving you towards the results that you desire in life and business? Just take a minute and ask yourself that question. Just ask yourself that question. Then here to follow that up, here’s a little challenge for you. Write down a few things you’ve noticed comparing yourself to about others. Just write like, “Oh, I wish I could do this like him. I wish I had this guy’s net worth or this guy’s showmanship,” or whatever it may be, things that you’ve compared yourself to others.

Then create some action steps. Draw a line with an arrow and create some action steps to create your own version of those things that you know that you’ve been drifting on and watching others and maybe living vicariously through others rather than taking action and creating your own results and creating the best and greatest version of yourselves. That’s it my friends. That’s all I’ve got. Now it’s up to you to start taking action in your life and in your business. Once again, I thank you for listening to the show my friends. I look forward to helping you create results in your life and in your business.

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