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Brant Phillips Show 22: Locked And Loaded


Welcome everybody to The Brant Phillips Show and yes, I am Brant Phillips and yes this is the show dedicated to the one thing that matters my friend in life and business and that is results. This is about helping you create results in your life and in your business. Today I’m going to talk to you about being locked and loaded, being locked and loaded right here right now being fully loaded always no matter where you’re at.

You see, you are locked and you are loaded and you are equipped even though sometimes you don’t actually realize it. Now, you may not be loaded to reach your biggest dream just yet but you are locked and loaded right now to go out and take action at your current capacity to move the ball forward to take even if it’s just one but very small step in moving forward to your goal because the journey of a thousand miles begins with what? Just one step. That means that you are locked and loaded to go out right now and execute at your current level but you’re never going to make it to the next level if you don’t go out and execute at where you’re currently positioned in your life and in your real estate business.

You see, everyone starts at zero. Everyone starts with zero experience at everything they do. That’s the same for all of us, we all start at zero but yet at the same time we have the ability and the capacity to take action from that position. You see, the reason successful people of the world are where they are at right now is because they executed from a place where they were at when they were starting from nothing but they just had that small still, a new glimmer of faith like they were going to reach out, take a step. Then what did they do next? After that first step, they took the next step and the next step and the next step, whatever that may be. Sometimes these are incredibly small steps but you are still locked and loaded to take that step no matter how small it may be.

If you’re in a position in life or in your investing business and you’re beating yourself up because you don’t like where you’re at, you don’t think you’re successful enough and you think that you should be playing at a higher level than you’re at right now, just stop it. Accept where you’re at right now. Stop playing the game of self-abuse and beating yourself up and just step into you, be you, don’t try to be someone else. Competing with other people is essentially a drift, it’s a drift in life. You are competing only with you. You are right here positioned in life where you’re at for a reason, just go out and execute the best that you can and be the best you that you can be from right here and right now. You may not be called to be Michael Jordan, maybe it could be Scottie Pippen, I don’t even know but just be the best you that you can be.

Since I mentioned sports people, just go on a little tangent here. Here in Houston, my Houston Astros recently won the World Series as you may or may not have heard of but yeah so that. Houston Astros are world champs. There’s this dude on their team, his name is Evan Gattis. He’s got a ginormous beard, it’s a lot bigger than mine but so anyway he’s a designated hitter and plays for the Astros and the guy has a very interesting story. You see, just a few years ago, this dude was homeless and working as a janitor. He was begging for food, struggling with substance abuse, he was in rehab clinics and he was out of baseball for four years. Think about that. Now the guy is a World Series champion, he’s got a world championship ring. I don’t know what his contract is worth but I know it’s in the millions. You got to think about that. He was homeless, working as a janitor, begging for food, struggling with substance abuse and out of baseball completely for four years.

Hey, this is Brant and I hope you’re enjoying today’s show. If you’re in a place in your life or your business where you just feel stuck or you just don’t know what actions to take to help you get unstuck or on to the path to creating the results you truly desire, please take a few minutes and go to my website There are some really valuable resources and information that may be able to help you out. If you’re interested in really speeding up results with the help of a coach or mentor and adding true accountability and guidance to your life and business, please reach out to me from my website as well at or going directly to Now, let’s get back to the show.

At that time in his life for him to realistically think about winning a World Series or even just becoming a major league baseball player was a ludicrous thought at that time. It was ludicrous. That wasn’t even right for him to think that. What did he do? He didn’t execute by turning in his mop and bucket as a janitor and going straight to a team to try out. No, what did he do? Because he was locked and loaded from that position to execute and that’s what he did. He started getting back in shape, he started practicing, he got his mental game straight and here he is now.

The same thing applies for you. You may not be locked and loaded today to go out and win the World Series or to do 100 deals this year maybe not even do 10 deals this year and that’s okay because you’re locked and loaded right now, you’re fully loaded to execute from wherever you’re at right now today, which may mean to do one deal. If you did zero deals last year, guess what? That’s 100% increase. Maybe it’s right here and right now is just for you to go out and read a book. Go to a networking meeting, find a mentor, take some action from where you’re at right now.

When I started in real estate, I was broke. It was very similar to Evan Gattis to look at this. I was broke I was living in an apartment, I had zero real estate or business experience at all. It was ludicrous for me to even imagine the business that I have today. A business that I have today where I’ve got a full team around me with construction managers, full-time agents in the office, acquisitions people who just go out and buy houses, admin help, bookkeepers, the whole, the whole team. It’s crazy, right? Guess what? I was loaded to execute and take action from that position in my life and I was equipped to take action from where I was right then and there and that’s all that I did. I just took the next step. I was loaded enough to get me to the next level and that’s it.

One step at a time, because we can’t, in this game of life, in this game of business, we can’t really, this is not a video game. We’re not going to skip to other levels just magically, right? That’s not going to happen. No one’s playing or winning the lottery here but this is even better than the lottery. When you do the work, play from the position you’re at and just stay consistent, continually progress and do the work to get to the next level, then what you are creating is something so much better than winning the lottery because you’re guaranteeing results and you’re no longer a long shot. You no longer have to worry about odds. You’re creating the freaking odds, you’re creating and determining your success and no one can take that away from you.

Once you have these skillsets to get to the next level, even though we take hits on occasion, we get knocked down, guess what? We’ve already created the habit, we’ve created the skillsets that get us to the next level and it’s so much easier to move forward the next time after you’ve got those skillsets down. Whatever the next step is for you my friend, just trust me in this, you are locked and loaded right now to execute from where you’re at today and begin to fulfil your destiny in everything that you’re pursuing in life and business.

That’s it my friend, that’s all I have for today’s show but I appreciate you for watching the show. I encourage you to reach out. If you’re struggling in your life and business and you’re looking for some mentoring and coaching and help and support, let me know what I can do to help. Once again, I honor and appreciate you and I wish you the best in creating results in your life and in your business.

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