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Brant Phillips Show 27: Live Free Or Die Slow


Welcome everybody to The Brant Phillips Show. This is Brant Phillips and yes this is the show dedicated to just one thing, just one thing, results, helping you create results in your life, in your business, in your real estate investments and if nothing more, just to give you a little boost, just a little motivation, a little inspiration to go out and have a great day. Take steps, take steps today, chop wood, lay bricks to build an incredible, incredible life and business each and every day.

I heard an old song recently from way back in the day that I used to listen to in college. I heard it the other day and I heard this line and this line said this. It’s he said, “You see it all comes down to living fast or dying slow. You see it all comes down to living fast or dying slow.” He was talking about this choice between living life in the fast lane, becoming this big entertainer or whatever, just playing small, playing safe. He said, “It all comes down to living fast or dying slow.”

I’m going to ask a question. How many of you out there are facing a similar decision in your life in terms of maybe not living fast but living free versus dying slow? Living free versus dying slow? You see, I’ve seen this all too many times in my world where people reach out, maybe they’ve read my book or they go to a webinar or an event and they’re like, “Man, I wish I could break free from my job and do real estate full-time or do this business that I’m passionate about or turn it in towards profitable but I can’t and I’m stuck at this job.” I hear that all of the time.

I’m going to share a little story with you. Back when I was in the corporate world and I will tell you, I was absolutely, absolutely in this position where I felt like I was dying a very slow death in terms of, in terms of burnout, just not being happy, not being fulfilled, financially there were all these struggles and challenges starting a new family in this job and I didn’t like it. That’s why I began to just begin to become clear on what I wanted and what I didn’t want.

I remember when I first started buying investment properties, right in the very beginning, my very first year, I was talking to my co-workers, my friends, my buddies, or whatever at work about what I was doing. There was one particular guy we talked to quite a bit, that I talked to quite a bit. He said, “You know, I’ve always wanted to invest in real estate but my wife won’t let me.” I was like, “Well, you know I’m fortunate because my wife supports me.” I’m like, “Maybe your wife just doesn’t understand, maybe to explain it better to her, maybe you need to honestly raise your commitment level, like she really … maybe she senses that you’re not 100% certain you want to do that or committed to it.” Anyways, that’s a whole different discussion about that.

After I had bought like four or five of my first properties in the first five months, when I started investing, I made a decision like, “You know what, I’m going to keep this real estate stuff a little bit hush, hush in the workplace,” because I was getting very aggressive with it. I was still doing my job, I was doing well, I was performing, got top performer awards and things like that. I was loyal to my employer to do what I committed to do and finished top in sales and all that kind of stuff while I was still doing real estate. I’ll tell you, every moment that I had that I wasn’t working or doing something with my family, pretty much I was building my investing business.

About two years later, two years later I decided to leave my job. I had bought about 25 properties and I was leaving my job and I was starting another real estate business at that time and I talked to my friend. He’s like, “Man,” this is near the, near the [inaudible 00:04:28] so I was leaving but he was like, “Man, how are those properties that you bought are doing?” That’s where I spilled the beans if you want. I said, “They’re doing pretty good man. As a matter of fact, I’m about to put in my two weeks’ notice.” He was like, “What? I can’t believe that.”

I will tell you that he still, he’s not working at that company, he’s working at another company, still has a job and this friend of mine called me a few months ago, he had some kind of property tax protest issue or something, I don’t know, he had a real estate question. He said the same thing again. He’s like, “Man, I’ve always wanted to do that but you know, my wife still doesn’t really want me to do that so I’m working this job and blah, blah, blah.” Dude, I just felt bad for him because I knew in his heart of hearts he wasn’t happy. I did what he did. It’s not a fun thing. It’s a long slow grind.

Hey, this is Brant and I hope you’re enjoying today’s show. If you’re in a place in your life or your business where you just feel stuck or you just don’t know what actions to take to help you get unstuck or on to the path to creating the results you truly desire, please take a few minutes and go to my website There are some really valuable resources and information that may be able to help you out. If you’re interested in really speeding up results with the help of a coach or mentor and adding true accountability and guidance to your life and business, please reach out to me from my website as well at or going directly to Now, let’s get back to the show.

I left. I’ve been doing this 11 years. I left my job over nine years ago, almost 10 years ago and I’ve seen it firsthand the difference between living free and dying slow. I want to say this also that there’s nothing wrong, there’s nothing, absolutely, there’s nothing wrong with having a good job and having a corporate job and things like that, there’s nothing wrong with that. Unless, and I’m going to say this, unless in your heart of hearts, inside you know that you have a bigger calling in your life. I like to call this sometimes the voice. The voice inside is telling you something different. It’s calling you to something bigger and you’re continuing playing small and you’re playing safe and you’re stuck in this job or maybe it’s even stuck in your small business and you’re living life like a zombie. The life is being sucked out of you because of whatever it is that you’re doing, well then, my friend, I say shame on you. I say shame on you and there is a problem with you staying stuck in that job or that place if you know in your heart of hearts there’s something more for you because that, that my friend is your fault. That is your choice and you still have a choice to begin to do something about it. To begin doing something about it and taking steps to creating a life and creating a business where you’re living free and not just dying slow. Actually living and there’s a huge difference in living, waking up, going to work, doing something you really don’t enjoy each and every day versus living free.

I challenge you to do this. Each morning you wake up, just look in the mirror. Take a look in the mirror, eye-to-eye with yourself each and every morning and ask yourself on a scale of one to 10, and be incredible honest. How excited are you to be alive and do what you’re going to do today? How excited are you to be alive and to be doing what you’re doing today. My friend, if you’re at below five on a consistent level, we have a massive problem, you have a massive problem that you need to address. You should be in that seven to 10 range like every day even the fives and sixes are scary. Ask yourself, hold yourself accountable and be honest about that score that you give yourself and make a commitment to yourself that you can have more and that you can live free and that you can create different results and you don’t have to stay stuck in this job and in this life that you’ve created.

I know it seems difficult at times, trust me, I know this. This is one of the main things that I do with my coaching students, with my one-on-one coaching students is it’s not just the ability for them to acquire business skillsets and real estate investing fundamentals to go out and create their business because we reverse engineer when they come to me, I worked with two new students yesterday and we were whiteboarding stuff all day long, reverse engineering their plan to replace their income from the real estate investments. They’ve got work to do ahead of them, it’s not easy. They’re building a business so it’s going to take a little bit of time. It may take them a year, it may take them a little bit longer to create their freedom.

As we’re reverse engineering, we’re building on their plan, I work with my students. The other thing that we have to really fight with that they have to battle and I have to help and support them is really just battling these limiting mindsets, these limiting beliefs that tell people that I have to do this, I have to stay here. I have to have this job. I have to stay stuck, I’m destined to die slow and it’s simply not true. It’s simply not true. It’s absolutely not true.

I want you, each and every one of you listening to this, just to consider that if you’ve got bigger dreams and bigger desires coming deep from within, maybe from the voice inside, consider that those voices and these callings that you feel are truth and possibly they’re calling you to live the life that you’re meant to live. Each and every day that goes by that you pacify them, that you shut them out, that you don’t respond to them, you’re just making it more difficult to make that transition into a life of freedom. My friends, only you can answer that call, only you can step out and begin taking action.

Do me a favor, go find out, begin to explore, listen to the voice inside and begin to seek out and create what living free is for you. Don’t die slow, live free by creating the life and the business that you dream about. That’s it my friends. Once again, I thank you for listening to the show. I look forward to helping you create results in your life and in your business.

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