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Brant Phillips Show 31: You Do You


Welcome my friends to The Brant Phillips Show. You know what this is about. This is about the one thing, the one thing that matters, it’s the one thing that you want, it’s results, a show dedicated to all about results. What we’re going to talk about today in order to help you achieve the desired results that you want in your life, in your real estate, in your business is about you doing you. That’s right, you do you.

Why are we going to talk about that? What does that have to do with this podcast? Yesterday I finished up. I went on a little eight mile run, getting ready for my next Ironman that’s coming up in about a month or so. The cool thing about Ironman training is this. First I’ll say, there’s a lot of things that suck about Ironman training to be quite honest with you. There’s a lot that sucks but we have to embrace the suck, that’s how we get the results. Look, so with Ironman training is this, you go on these long runs, you go on these long bike rides, you go on these long swims. Today I did a 2,000 meter, 2,400 meter swim something like that so it was like a couple, it was like an hour almost. I’m not a very fast swimmer, don’t judge me. I see you judging me, like stop.

Here’s the thing though, when you are going through your Ironman training on these long runs and these long bike rides, good Lord the bike rides are so long, you have a lot of time to think. You have a lot of time to think and trust me my friends, you have a lot of thoughts. I’ve read that the human brain has somewhere between 40 and 60 thoughts a day so, you have a lot of time to think about things whenever you are going through Ironman training. Some of these are very useful thoughts and some are not so useful thoughts.

Yesterday on my eight mile run, I had a lot of time to think. I had time to think about a conversation that I had with a friend and a mentor recently. I had time to think about some books I’ve been reading, things that’s been going on in my life and with some of my businesses and I was thinking also about a Facebook post. A Facebook post that I had made recently about the CrossFit Open games. If you’re not familiar with CrossFit, CrossFit is … you’re probably familiar with CrossFit but CrossFit is like it’s an exercise thing and so it’s getting pretty big now, it’s catching on. Every year, they have a CrossFit Open. It’s called the CrossFit games, CrossFit Open and this is the 18th year that they’ve done it. I started doing it I think about three or four years ago.

So, this year I finished, essentially top 15% in my region. I think I finished about 15-20%, top 15 or 20% in the world for my, definitely for my age group and honestly I don’t really know where I finished up in the world but 15% in my age group and so which is not bad if you look at it that way. Here’s the thing. So, we made a post on Facebook. My marketing director posted it. I had shot a video of my last workout, took a screenshot of my ranking in the world or whatever, just to encourage people and just to get some conversation going. She made the post and she put, “Numbers don’t lie.” I think that’s what she put, something like that, like numbers don’t lie.

Here’s the thing, that’s a vague statement. It maybe sounds a little bit like I’m bragging or braggadocious but at the same time like numbers don’t lie, that could be saying like numbers don’t lie like I suck, like I could have done a lot better, because it’s somewhat vague and nobody really knows what I meant by that but people began commenting and I think they were perceiving it like, “Man, you did great. That’s a good job, that’s awesome. Way to go.” Whatever, stuff like that.

If you look at the stats, I finished in my region in my age group like I mentioned I was like 4,000 out of like 28,000 people for like 45, 4,800, I don’t know maybe 5,000 out of like 28,000 people. You can look at that as good, you can look at that as not so good. Then I looked at what I ranked in the world, I was like almost, I was like 59,000, like 60,000nth place, let’s just round up. I was essentially 60,000nth place in the world in the men’s group because this is like a worldwide competition, people do the same workouts or they do a different workout but everyone does the same workout. Each week it’s a different workout for five weeks, you record your scores, you have to be judged. I had a person judge me each week.

I finished 60,000 in the world in men, but there’s like three or 400,000 men, like 350,000 men that do it. Make sure that you understand like you can say like dude like that’s pretty good but you could also say like you know a part of me is like, “Man, Brant like that’s pretty good like you finished in the top 15%.” I caught myself, I was thinking about it in the run, thinking about this post. I’m like, “But then again like 60,000 guys finished ahead of me, like 60,000.” I’m like, “Damn, like I kind of suck, like I could have finished like 50,000 or 40,000.” Right? Granted half these dudes that I competed against are like half my age and like freaking rip to the core and things like that but the fact is that like 60,000 dudes beat me. Right?

Let me ask you this. Does it really matter? Does it? You see, I caught myself at times being proud of my accomplishment but also being disappointed looking at how many people finished ahead of me. But also then I started thinking about the amount of surgeries I’ve had. I’ve had three knee surgeries, two ankle surgeries and doctors have told me, a number of doctors have told me I need to stop doing all the stuff that I’m doing. Hell, I sure as hell shouldn’t be doing an Ironman, but who listens to doctors? Like really for real? So I don’t, either good or bad I don’t.

Here’s my message and here is what I want to share with you. Just focus on you. Listen to me. I’m going to say this again. You do you, you do you. Don’t worry about what other people do. Don’t worry about people that finished ahead of you and behind you. Don’t worry about people whose bank accounts are bigger than yours and people who are smaller than yours. Focus on you being you. You just do, wherever you’re at in your life, wherever you’re at in your investing business, wherever you’re at in your health and your fitness, in your finances, in your real estate business, stop comparing yourself to others.

Comparing yourself to others is one of the biggest drifts I see people do in life because when you’re comparing yourself to others, that means you’re looking at other places rather than straight ahead. When you are looking at someone else’s results, you’re looking away from whatever your goal or what your target is. How about looking at yourself in the mirror and holding yourself accountable to who you need to be? Who do you need to become to get what it is that you want to get? Who do you need to become to get where it is that you want to go? Stop looking at other people and just be you. Consider that you will obtain the greatest results when you are focused on you doing you. So, stop worrying about them, stop worrying about me, stop worrying about whoever it is that you’re comparing yourself.

When I was doing that run, I was doing an eight mile run when I was having all these thoughts a couple of days ago, and so I’m getting ready for my Ironman because I have an Ironman coming up in the next 30 days or so. I’m doing this training and I’m going to get to the Ironman like in the next 30 days or so whatever it is. For the record, I’m not training nearly as hard as last time and guess what? That’s okay. Where I’m at right now in my life, at my age, where I’m at with my business, we’ve hired a lot of new staff, I’m doing a lot of training, I have a lot of things going on.

So, where I’m at right now in my Ironman training, this is just me being me. That’s what I’m doing and I’m going to get to the Ironman. I’m going to show up and I’m going to finish the damn thing and I’m going to finish strong but I’m going to finish my time. There’s going to be like old dudes and old girls that are going to pass me up on the bike. It’s happened before, numerous times throughout my Ironman stuff like you think you’re going pretty good and you may feel pretty good, you may feel down, one of the two because you go through all these emotions during the Ironman and someone like 10, 20, 30 years older will fly past you on a run or on the bike and it’s very humbling to say the least. But guess what? I’m going to show up to the Ironman, I’m going to finish and it’s going to be cool. Whatever my time is, it’s going to be cool and I’m going to be cool with that because I’m just going to be me. That’s it, and they will be them, I will be me.

In my business, in my real estate business, it’s late March at the time of this recording and we were doing some numbers and looked at like we’ve bought 16 houses so far this year. We’re on track to do about 50 deals-ish and that’s our goal for the year. That is our current capacity. That’s where our staffing is, that’s our goal. Could we buy a hundred houses this year? Probably. I have multiple close friends that do that but that’s not me. Honestly I don’t desire to do that. Our goal is 50 houses. That’s our capacity and that’s who we are. This is in the ideal business for me that we’ve created and so we’re going to do us as a company. I’m not going to worry about my friends. I’m not going to worry about my friends who buy 100 houses that do a lot bigger deals than us because this is who we are as a company right here and right now. So, we’re focusing on us as a company growing but growing on according to our targets and our pace and our current capacity, creating the ideal business and the ideal life. That’s what we’re doing.

Guess what you should do? Just do you. If you’ve never done a deal, don’t compare yourself to me, don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You do you. If you’ve never done a deal before, don’t focus on doing 10 deals this year or 50 deals or 100 deals or whatever it is. You may end up doing a bigger capacity than you first focus on, but you know if you do one deal then do one deal and you freaking celebrate. You be you. If you desire something more, like if you do one like I want to do 10 or I want to do 50 deals or I want to do 20 deals, then you do that.

Freaking level up, level up, step up, do more, be more, suck less, do more work, do the work that’s required, focus on you and what you need to do because the more that you focus on you, the more and more you’re going to find that you are getting closer to the real results that you desire and that’s the important takeaway here, just be real with yourself. Just honor and appreciate yourself wherever you’re at in life, wherever you’re at in business, just be okay with that but know if you’re wanting more then you do you, you do it at your pace and you level up and you do the work and you look in the mirror but stop watching others and focus on creating the greatest version of yourself in life, in real estate. I encourage you to be the greatest version of yourself in all areas of life.

My friend, you do you, I’ll do me and guess what? We’ll all be better for it. If you can just do you, stop focusing on others, I think you will find you will be on the path to creating the results that you desire in life and business. So, that’s it my friends. Once again, I thank you for listening to the show. I thank you for liking the show, I thank you for your reviews and I just, I appreciate you listening from the bottom of my heart and I hope this is helping you to create the results that you desire in your life and in your business.

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