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Brant Phillips Show 37: Strike Out


Welcome my friends to the Brant Phillips show, the show that’s dedicated to results, and proving and creating results that you desire in your life and in your business. And my goal as always on this podcast is to help to inspire you, to motivate, educate, and equip you to go out and take action. So with that being said my friend today I wanna talk to you about that it’s okay to strike out. It’s okay to strike out, and sometimes it’s better to just swing for the fences just to let loose and let it go.

So why am I talking about this story? So one of my kids, my 8-year-old son, my 8-year-old son, Noah, he’s in little league baseball. This is, he played when he was like four or five, took a couple years off ’cause he’s been playing football, and he’s played basketball. So this year we got back into baseball, probably ’cause the Astros winning the World Series, whatever it may be. But this year we got back into baseball. And Noah’s been pretty good, he’s been a really good player this year. And made the all star team a couple weeks ago actually, coach let him know, said, “Noah man, you’re gonna be on the all star team.” He’s been the best player on their team, he’s done really good.

But something happened a couple weeks ago, I think he got a little uptight maybe because he felt like he needed to be better because he was an all star or whatever it was. But the last couple of games his bat hasn’t been working, he’s struck out a few times. He hadn’t struck out all season, and now he’s striking out. So the last couple of games there’s a little bit of a trend, a little bit of a trend going on where he’s striking out.

So last weekend it was the playoff game to go to the championship game. And the team is playing pretty good, the team is playing pretty good. They’re up by a couple of runs. But Noah’s first two bats, my son’s name is Noah, his first two at bats he strikes out. First strike out just didn’t look comfortable, little uptight, went up to the plate; strike one, strike two, strike three. Three swings and three misses. And something was just off, I’m like what’s going on? So I’m talking to him, I’m like, “Hey bud, what’s going on?” You know, he’s like, “I don’t know dad, I don’t know, I don’t know what’s wrong.” So I’m like, “All right, just relax,” you know, “Just relax.” Tell him to breathe, relax, keep your eye on the ball, that kind of stuff.

Next at bat, strikes out again. And he was really getting upset, I could tell, it was really frustrating him, and he felt bad. The other players on his team are hitting the ball. So it comes time for his next at bat, and it was pretty big, they were up by a couple of runs, it’s getting late in the game. And I went to him, and I said, “Look bud, I want you to strike out. It’s okay to strike out. What I want you to do, is I want you to go up there and just have some fun buddy. When you’re going up to the plate I want you to put a smile on your face, I want you to relax and just breathe, and just say it’s okay if you strike out. Tell yourself that. Say, ‘it’s okay if I strike out.’ But I want you to have some fun up there, okay? Can you just promise me you’ll have fun? Even if you strike out, I want you to just swing as hard as you wanna swing.”

‘Cause that’s one of the things sometimes the coach gets onto him, ’cause he swings too hard, ’cause he’s trying to crank it to the fences. I’m like, “Swing for the fences. Do whatever you wanna do up there, bud. Just have some fun.” And guess what he did? The very first pitch, and the coach always tells him to not take the first pitch, he didn’t listen to the coach. He swang at the very first pitch and drove it to the outfield, drove in a couple of runs, had the biggest smile on his face after he was done.

And they won the game, and tonight as a matter of fact, tonight at the time of this recording they’re gonna play in the little league championship game for the area. So that’s pretty cool. So let me ask you this, how does this relate to your life? And how does this relate to your business, to your investments? Do you find yourself being uptight on a daily basis in your life or in your business? Maybe making offers like you’re uptight, you’re scared, you’re nervous, right? You’re not really swinging for the fences because you’re being powered, you’re being controlled by some fear, by this weight on your shoulders, by some type of burden rather than just letting it go. Maybe this is how you’re going into conversations with private lenders, and like I said, marketing for deals, or whatever it may be. But are you just uptight in life in general? Because that affects you my friends.

That is a weight on your shoulders if you’re not operating your life, and your business in freedom because you’re so afraid to fail. Right? And sometimes it’s better to give yourself permission to fail. And another way to say that is sometimes it’s okay to give yourself permission to learn, right? Because after all that is our greatest opportunities to learn are often times those times that we’ve quote unquote failed. When things go wrong.

Now there if course is a difference in still using fundamentals and making offers and doing deals like you need to rely upon what you’re been taught, what’s been proven to work. You just need to let some of the stress go. And I’m not telling anyone to go out there and self sabotage a deal and do a bad deal. But I’m just telling you that giving yourself permission to let go of some of this baggage of fear, or past experiences that haven’t turned out so well can be one of the most liberating things in your life. And can help you, that can literally be one of the things that gives you a boost to go to the next level, because you just let go of some of these things that are holding you back. Your past does not predict your future.

Your past does not predict your future unless you let it, right? My son Noah chose, he chose to not let those previous strike outs that he experienced predict his next at bat. He went up and still used the same fundamentals, he swung how he’s been taught to swing the bat, and he hit it to the outfield. He just removed the pressure that he was taking on previously. It’s the same thing in our lives and our businesses my friends. If you find yourself holding onto this past thing, this past guilt, this past experience that went wrong, that is going to predict your future because you’re allowing it. But it doesn’t have to. Right? It’s as simple as making a choice. It’s as simple as making a choice and acknowledging, right?

If you’re holding onto something just acknowledging that hey, this thing, this experience, this relationship, this real estate deal didn’t go well, but just acknowledging for what it is, and it’s feedback, right? It’s feedback on maybe some things you could’ve done differently. Some things that you could’ve done better, yet you didn’t. But that’s okay, but you can extract that feedback, and extract that lesson and use it in the future. But whatever you’re doing, have fun. Have fun in your life, have fun in your business.

Know that it’s okay to strike out. Sometimes you just gotta let loose and swing for the fences and let the chips fall where they may, and be okay with that my friends. Just be okay with that. So my friend I hope you’ve received a lot of value from today, and I hope you’ll take action more importantly in your life, and in your business, in your investments. Go out and take action and pursue the calling in your heart. And if you received value from today’s show, I’d love some comments. The five star rating type stuff on iTunes, and yes this is my shameless plug to get some love on iTunes, or on Facebook and social media. I think it’s still free to click, right? And give ratings, right? So if you got some time, I’d appreciate that.

Well that’s it my friends. Just go out and take action, create results in your life and in your business. We’ll talk to you on the next show.

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