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Breakthrough At The Beach – Chris S Testimonial

There is nothing in Life or Business that matters more than your RESULTS.

The only reason Men come down to the Beach for our event is because they are LOST or perhaps LOOKING for a path to create bigger results in their life.

That’s it.

What Results are they looking for?

All of the Men that come to Breakthrough At The Beach want to produce more financially using Real Estate as a way to produce cash and increase their net worth.

This is a common thread for all of the men, and this is the Core of what we teach at Breakthrough At The Beach.

But the Men that come down to the Beach are seeking much more than increasing their financial position in life….

These Men are looking to become better Husbands to their Wives.

These Men want to become greater Fathers to their Children.

These Men want to be connected spiritually and to feel a true purpose and calling in their life.

These Men want to drop their addictions and also improve the overall quality of their life by taking control of their Health & Fitness.

I would encourage you to click the video link at the bottom of this post and watch Chris and see the results that he has created in his life and business sense attending Breakthrough At The Beach.

This Man has not only flipped several houses in the last few months, but he’s done other real estate deals, lost 20 pounds, leveled up his marriage in a huge way and began pursuing a spiritual relationship for practically the first time in his life.

He is LIVING what BREAKTHROUGH AT THE BEACH is all about….


Real Life. Real Estate.


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