Welcome to the start of your 90 day journey

To get started, you will need to study and learn the process of the Core 4, what it all means, and how to apply it to your daily life.

Bookmark this page and reflect back to it everyday. This is the key to everything.

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The Core 4 is a system created by Garrett J White, founder of the Wake Up Warrior Academy.

Designed as a daily practice to create personal power, the Core 4 isn’t just what we do; IT’S WHO WE ARE.

Let’s take a closer look at each area:

BODY: 1 point daily

The BODY is our vessel for creation and production. When the body isn’t functioning properly ( poor health & lack of fitness ) then you don’t function properly. Simple as that. So what do we do to take care of the BODY? We workout and we consume a green smoothie. EVERY DAMN DAY. Now, I already know what you’re thinking. Everyday?  Let me explain…

We must expand our physical capacity and challenge ourselves everyday. This doesn’t translate to lifting weights everyday. That would be counter-productive. We don’t want to get injured or over do it, but rather strategically build a more powerful body by being creative with our approach to fitness.  Ideally, this would involve a few days each week of Crossfit, weight lifting, functional training, or some type of high intensity training that forces you to work, and then a few days of recovery training. Recovery work could be a light jog, yoga, swimming, intense stretching, cycling, etc. Anything that will allow your physical capacity to EXPAND. 

The green smoothie is the nutrition side of the coin. We must fuel our body and give it what it needs to perform at the most optimal level.

Obviously our overall diet is important, and we will discuss tips and pointers for this as well, but it’s much easier to add a simple daily green smoothie that packs a serious super-charged punch of power.

Here’s the recipe: 2-3 BIG handfuls of raw spinach, 1 banana or a 1/4 cup of fresh blueberries, 20 grams of your favorite protein powder, liquid coconut oil, and water. Blend with a high speed blender and enjoy. I recommend keeping the spinach in the freezer so you don’t need ice in the smoothie.

It is crucial that you understand your body and you don’t overtrain. Communication here is key and I will guide you through this process

You will score yourself 1/2 a point once you complete your daily workout and 1/2 a point once you drink your green smoothie for a total of 1 point.


The BEING is your spiritual connection to yourself and the universe. We do two things to deepen this connection and expand our BEING:

1.Meditation: 1/2 a point : We practice a simple yet highly effective type of meditation called Ascension. Created by the Ishayas more than 2,000 years ago, just 20 minutes of consistent daily meditation will create profound shifts in your life. Simply put, meditation creates space and calms the chaos within our minds. It will metabolize stress the same way that exercise will metabolize fat.

Why do we meditate?

TO CREATE SPACE  ——->                                 STIMULUS || ———- SPACE ———- || REACTION

Normally, when we experience a stimulus ( stress, anger, fear, sadness, confusion, pain, excitement ) we immediately REACT, and in doing so we operate in a reactive state ( out of power )  By meditating for only 20 minutes every day we are able to create the space between STIMULUS and RESPONSE / REACTION.

This allows us to act from a place of personal power and creative choice rather than a place of reactive chaos

We utilize a simple mantra system to support the process of ascension:

  • HONOR ______ for my LIGHT and my LIFE
  • APPRECIATE ______ for my BODY and the GAME

Fill in the BLANK with your higher power. This may be God, Source, Creator, Eternal Expansion. Whatever naturally comes to mind when you imagine your higher power, use that word.

2. Study & Journal: 1/2 a point: The second part of BEING is a simple daily practice of study & journaling. This can be something spiritual, inspirational, motivational, scripture based, or even from the experience of the day’s meditation.

The goal with this stage is to stretch and expand your spiritual connection and wisdom, all while connecting you deeper to your true self.

BALANCE: 1 POINt daily

The BALANCE is your outer relationships, or connection with others. Primarily your loved ones and those closest to us such as family and close friends.  We make daily deposits & investments into these relationships to nurture them and honor them. Although this process will make the person on the receiving end feel all warm & fuzzy, it ultimately is for YOU. It’s your expression of love, honor, and appreciation for the people that matter to you. This will dramatically improve your connection and relationship with your wife, your children, and anyone else close to you that you choose to invest in.

We pick two different relationships and receive a 1/2 point for each. Ideally you would focus on the same two people for the entire week and then change, but you may also change daily, it’s entirely up to you. This can be done in several ways: a simple daily text message, iPhone video, post-it note, email, phone call, letter, in person, a note, date night with the wife, flowers… Get creative and have fun with this.


The BUSINESS is the final pillar of the Core 4. The quality and capacity of our business directly dictates and controls the majority of our life. Without financial abundance and freedom, we are limited in our overall life experience and aren’t able to contribute fully to the world around us, thus suffering and becoming less-than the man we are capable of being. From providing for our family to being in a pace of personal creation, financial freedom is a fundamental necessity to living an open and free life.

For this we do two things:

1. Study: 1/2 a point : We study something that will advance our business and our work. This can be in sales, marketing, systems, and anything that can be applied and executed within your specific work.

2. Execute: 1/2 a point : Simple, right? Apply and execute what you learn from your studying.


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