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Broke, Burned out or Bored

Broke, Burned out or Bored with Life?

Many a Man has found himself in this place.

What to do?

Where to go?

Start with the Heart.

Chances are, if you’re finding yourself experiencing the 3B’s (Broke, Burned out or Bored with life) you shut your heart out a long time ago.

The logical mind became the lead, when it should have been 2nd in command.

You knew what you wanted, but you chose to play it safe.

You were too afraid to take some risks.

Or you did what others thought you should do rather than what you KNEW you were supposed to do.

You just didn’t want to rock the boat so you stayed in your lane.

The entrapments of the ‘Comfort Zone life’ have now created some massively uncomfortable circumstances for you.

And you need to get your heart back.


The subject of the heart is addressed in the Bible more than any other topic more than anything else.

Maybe there’s a reason for that….

You can see where following your logical mind, reason, logic and need for security has gotten you.

It’s time to get back to living and in order to live again, you have to start listening to your heart.

This is how you get unstuck.

So Stop.

Take a moment to think back and remember what it is that you love.

What lights you up?

Take out some paper.

Write those things down.

People, Pursuits, Experiences…

These things can spark your heart to come alive again.

You need to get your heart back Man.

The road you’re on living without it is leading you to the pits of hell, or at least to the likes of mediocrity, scarcity and depression.

So stop forsaking your most precious possession.

Without your heart…

…you’ll never fully love

…you can’t have faith

…you’ll not pursue things your passionate about

Without your heart, you’ll never be fully alive.

I know, you were hurt.

And some things have not gone your way.

So you’re guarded.

And your defenses are up.

But it’s time to get back in the game of Living.

It’s time to get out the jumper cables, and jumpstart your Heart.

Put it back in the Lead.

Let your logic and mind fall back in line to 2nd in command so your Heart can come alive again and take charge.

Being broke, burned out & bored with life is a choice you’re making,

but I guarantee you, it’s not the choice your Heart has made.

Just ask it, it will let you know.




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