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Celebrity Real Estate Investor (but broken inside)

Celebrity Real Estate Investor (almost)

13 Years ago we were on the verge of getting one of those Real Estate ‘Reality’ TV Shows.

I would have become a Celebrity Real Estate Investor.

This was one of the TV ‘sizzlers’ they made.

They made another one but we never got to see it.

Yes I agree, it was pretty bad.

I’m quite sure it was because of me, I was very uncomfortable on camera at that time in my life.

But here’s the thing about this time of my life.

I was 90% focused on $$$.

The story I was telling myself that IF I just made enough money and was successful, it would fix some of the shit that I had in my life and some hurts from the past.

I was (somewhat) young and had lots of ‘Life learning’ still to do.

I didn’t know how to be REAL then.

I was very guarded.

I wanted to look cool, and make sure everyone thought I was perfect.

And I wanted everyone to THINK I was perfect because I didn’t want people to know about the things I was hiding in my life.

Sexual abuse as a child, drinking problems, marital issues, and others, that I didn’t wan’t anyone to know about.

I wanted to keep it squeaky clean.

So I focused on making Money.

And I did.

I made a lot.

I had a bunch of rentals (close to 50), was flipping houses and had one of the biggest residential construction companies in Houston at the time.

I worked my ass off.

I never minded the work, but the problem was that I was AVOIDING THE INTERNAL WORK I needed to do…

And I didn’t see the HUMBLING that was soon to occur.

Because I truly believed that money and success was a ‘Cure All’

…But IT came hard…

I was brought to my Knees.

And I am so thankful for the lessons and change that came from it.

So for my Entrepreneur friends out there, yes, Go Get It.

Make that money.

But try not to make the mistakes that so many others do.

You put money as the primary focus in your life and everything else comes after.

This type of living will come with a price.

In my worldview, there is an order that if violated, will have negative repercussions no matter who you are.

Basically, my worldview back then was:

1. Money

2. Business

3. Thinking about Business

4. Family, or maybe exercise

5. God (which meant basically go to Church sometimes)

This is a loser’s game.

I say that because you may WIN in business, but it will leave you empty and ultimately BREAK the things that truly matter most to you and you will LOSE IN LIFE with that paradigm.

Don’t believe me?

Read the stories of rich, ‘successful’ people on their deathbeds.

How successful are you when you’re on your deathbed and what’s on your mind are all of your regrets?


I escaped that Money First Matrix.

It’s actually pretty easy to wake up when you’re head is slammed onto the pavement (figuratively)

I learned the power of telling the truth, being vulnerable and I shifted my paradigm.

The new worldview became:

1. God
2. Calling
3. Family
4. Body/Health
5. Business

I also refer to this as F4 (Faith ~ Family ~ Fitness ~ Finances)

And guess what, you can make just as much money playing the game of life this way.

You can actually make more.

And you can make it with a deeper purpose and richer experience of life along the journey.

So my friends, for those of you pursuing the ‘All Mighty Dollar’, consider there is another path to take as you play the game.

For my one-dimensional Dollar chasers out there, I get it, but my recommendation:

Consider a different path

Just begin to consider restructuring some things in life/business so you can win the ‘Long Game’ of life and not just the game of money.

If you need some help being guided down the right path, hit me up.

This is after all, the Calling that I now live, so that’s what I’m here for.

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