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CHATTERTON: A Flip Story Part 2


Here’s the 2nd Video update for the CHATTERTON Project.

I know a lot of people have an interest in Flipping Houses and investing in Real Estate.

If you want to see first hand what we do, here’s a quick walk-thru of a FLIP project we’re working on.
And if you’re really serious, I have a training webinar replay you can watch here:

Hey everybody. I’m going to give you an update on the Chatterton property. This is approximately two weeks into the project. I’m going to give you some updates on the interior. We haven’t really done anything on the exterior so no changes there right now.

Let me give you a walkthrough on the interior of the project. The lighting is a little bit, it’s a little bit dark in here. I will do my best to explain to you everything that we’ve done and give you some visuals. If you see here, this is the front door. You walk into this formal area, not a lot has changed. Here, we’re just leaving this as a formal entry type area. Now, over here in this area, and just to make sure you can see that, this was going to be a really big somewhat oversized and open living room. I shouldn’t say oversized but it was much bigger than it needed to be. Over here, we’ve created an office area. We’ve got a couple of walls here with an opening at a 45 degree angle.

I’ll come here and show you from this view. This area over here is going to be an office with possibly French doors. We’re going to leave it open for one, is material cost for the doors. Then two, just to leave it more open for showing. If the buyer wants to do French doors, that’s something we can negotiate or they can just do it on their own down the road. We are working with a limited budget here so that’s where we’ve left it.

Now, and I know it’s a little bit hard to see, but if you come here, now this whole area is open as to where there was a wall there before. I don’t know if you remember that. We’ve got a little office and this whole area here is going to be the living room area, all these areas here.

Let me go down the hall. We’ve got our duct work in. We’ve got all of our electrical work as well. I just want you to see that. What we’re doing right now is set up for sheetrock work. You see all of our electrical wiring is done. We are getting ready to do sheetrock because we have already passed our plumbing inspection and we’re getting ready to pass our electrical inspection reportedly today. AC, all we did was duct work. I don’t know where we’re at on that process.

The hall bath, no changes to this room. We’re leaving the existing toilet location, the sink location, the tub is over in this area. What we’ve done basically at this point, and I know it’s a little bit hard to see in this video so this will all come together when we start putting sheetrock and really putting things together, is that we’re trying to turn this into a paint job as quickly as possible. The way that we do that, we did some foundation repair, plumbing work, electrical work and AC work, get all those inspections passed, boom, sheetrock comes in and the carpenter things like that.

In the master bath, we decided to reconfigure the master bath. In the master bath, this wall, the exterior wall used to be the vanities, the vanity I should say and the toilet was right where my finger is pointing down here. We flip flopped. We’ve put the toilet right inside the door to the left so when you walk in, you’re going to see a double vanity, double sink vanity with a big mirror, probably go all the way to the ceiling. I’m not sure on that yet.

Immediately when you walk in, instead of looking at a toilet and walking into a toilet, you’re going to see a double sink vanity granite, big mirrors in that so that reflection mirror is going to make the bathroom seem much bigger. We’ve also expanded the opening of the shower size or they have not but they’re going to. We’re going to make the shower taller and a bit wider. Then expand the shower glass size as well. That will make the shower be much bigger.

Out here, let me take you on the outside. We know real framing changes in here in the master bedroom and closets. We left that configuration the same. The same with the kitchen. We are not doing any framing work here. However, if you see on the ground what we do here, this is how we do a lot of our walkthroughs, is we will mark things with paint and blue tape so down here. You see like we’ve marked out, this is backwards for me, where that’s going to be the fridge. I’m not sure why they put a W.

This is, man, it’s like backwards here. That’s going to be a pantry. This is the stove area, which is right there, right there. Stove. The point is, is that we draw the cabinet layout. One is to make sure that we’re happy with that configuration. Two, is to communicate it to our contractors. You can possibly see here so we’re going to extend the island out right here and then all the cabinets there, the sink cabinet. All the plumbing is done, etcetera, etcetera.

Another really cool thing I want to show you all that this is not a big expense but it’s a huge return on investment, a huge return on investment. There’s adding value to a house and there’s also perceived value. This is something that is truly, truly adding value to the home, very inexpensively so. If you recall and you may want to go and watch the previous video again before watching this video or after you watch this video, but behind me, there was a garage door, entry door to the living room over here, almost in the middle of the living room wall. We’ve kicked it over to here so it’s not going to be interfering with the wall over to the back corner. The utility connections, the washer and dryer connections were in the garage. If you can see right there, we framed in a new utility room in the garage.

One thing to keep in mind is we were fortunate, the depth of the garage allowed us to do so. We could have only done that if we had the depth in the garage and we have more than enough. This is actually a really decent size utility room. We’ll be able to add that as living space on our listing whenever we go live with this listing.

Another thing is it acts like a mudroom, like a little drop zone. You walk from the garage. You walk from the garage, park your car, go into utility room and come into the home. All the connections and everything were there so really, this is a little bit of framing. Sheetrock, we’re already going to do sheetrock in the garage all throughout the house. We’re going to install tile on the floors. It’s a little bit of an added expense but it’s not much. To say that we have a utility room that’s inside the home is pretty critical, pretty critical.

We did some sewer line repair, not a whole lot but we did replace this sewer line from the two bathrooms. There’s two bathrooms here. Then ran it outside here. I’m not going to be able to show you a sewer line repair but yeah, there we go. Just replace the sewer line. I just can’t open the window and the door is locked over there, so not too far. It was I think about a 50/60 foot run. Then we did a little bit in one other area but the way that we did that was we had the lines inspected to see what was broken and what not was broken with a plumber, with a licensed plumber with a camera. That’s how we determined what to replace and not to replace.

You can see all the plumbing’s done, it’s been run. We used PEX, water lines hot and cold lines, all that’s done. We’re just now waiting for electrical inspection today. Since we get that passed, we are going to be putting sheetrock on these walls. Then things will really get moving. At this point, two weeks or so into the project, very happy, very pleased with our progress. If all goes well, we will pass that inspection and get our sheetrock in and then I will move into the super happy category with the progress of this project. That is video update number two. I’ll keep you posted as things go along on this project. You all take care.

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