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CHATTERTON: A Flip Story Part 3


Here’s the 3rd Video update for the CHATTERTON Project.

I know a lot of people have an interest in Flipping Houses and investing in Real Estate.

If you want to see first hand what we do, here’s a quick walk-thru of a FLIP project we’re working on.
And if you’re really serious, I have a training webinar replay you can watch here:

All right, everybody. I’m going to give you all an update on the Chatterton property as I fix my little selfie stick. All right. Not really much has changed on the front of the home. A gamut of doors are here. Inside we are closer, not close enough. I’m not extremely happy with the progress. To be quite frank with you, I’m not that happy with the progress. All the texture is done. The walls have been primed. The ceilings have been painted. Cabinets are almost done, not fully done because the cabinet guy had an issue that he needs to meet on site for which I don’t understand. I’m here now. We had a delay with getting our doors here. The doors are being delivered. They just showed up. I didn’t even know they were coming today but they just showed up. You can see him through the window unloading the doors. That’s good news. That was one of our other major holdups.

Moving here into the kitchen, we bought prefabricated cabinets which we usually don’t do. We’re trying to save some money here. We got really, really good. We get great pricing at Home Depot because we spend 30, $50,000 in a month. This is a back view of the kitchen behind me. This cabinet here is actually going to come over to the wall and the dishwasher is going to be in that space but it’s a little bit off right now. There’s one side. This is the sink side of the cabinets. We went with a gray paint tone.

I don’t know if you remember the start of this project that you may have watched the video. This was the garage area before. We framed out a subfloor down below. We’ve created a utility room inside the garage but you’ll never know it if you didn’t see the before pictures or the video. They have a full-fledge utility room and laundry room in here which I think is really sweet. They still have a full sized garage. That was one of the key factors in deciding whether or not we’ll be able to do this utility room was the depth of the garage. We had the depth here that allowed us to do that. You can see here where we framed out this wall and it goes at an angle over there because the water heater is in that room. There’s plenty of depth in this garage. It actually turned out being a little bit deeper than most garages are.

One thing that we did outside that we have done that, something I don’t like spending money on at all but sometimes you just have to is fencing. You can see that we’ve installed this fence area here. We just had to. It was decaying and over here on this side was a little chain link fence and the house next door is just an eyesore. Sometimes you got to spend money to cover up eyesores because we’re going to go top of the market. You’ve got to eliminate some of the things that will move your potential buyer away from the pleasure spot. Now like a nice big fenced in yard, a nice and clean. We’re going to install a deck over all this old concrete. I’d like to keep the concrete. I don’t think that we can. I’m looking at it, a little bit closer. That will be a to-be determined decisions. I would love to keep this concrete but I don’t know. We shall see.

All right. Inside the rest of the house, the really only thing that’s changed, we have most of our baseboard’s in. We’re not doing crown molding here, just a budget issue. The bedrooms are pretty much ready, just need flooring and lighting and doors and the doors are being delivered, hallelujah. The bathroom, I’ll try to give you a good angle of this. We installed custom cabinets in here because of the awkward space, very long. That will be a tall hanging linen closet for towels and sheets and stuff, sheets, towels, rags, all that kind of stuff.

One single sink right there, nice granite countertop, big mirror, single light if you can see it. I’m not sure if you can. The tub’s covered up. We went with a very basic white tile tub surround that I will be able to show you the design over here. This is the master bath which is very small, a small vanity there. Just a nice tile, white tile surround and white floor. That’s it. That’s our update. At this point in time, I’d like to say we’ll be done in two weeks. I’m thinking about that right now. This is where we as project managers Chris and I, we got to kick some ass into gear to keep this thing done. Two week’s a little bit aggressive. That will be the target. Most likely this will be three weeks till we’ll be on market. Bye guys, you all take care.

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