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Check out my interview with Randy

Brant: Hey guys. I’m here with Randy. He’s one of my students who came down to the Beach, the Breakthrough at the Beach event a few months ago. We’re actually standing inside of a flip deal that we’re starting today that is a group flip with some of our students from the Beach. Anyways, Randy …

Randy: I’m the one who found this deal.

Brant: Randy is the one who found the d eal. He was doing all the hustle work to find a deal. He gets credit for that. It’s not the only deal he’s found. He found a deal a few months ago that you just flipped and sold it. Let’s talk about that deal a little bit because that deal is impressive.

Randy: I owe a great deal of gratitude for you to get me started in this for sure, because I’ve been doing mostly air-conditioning work since 2009. I started picking up on what you were doing. I bought a property before 14927 Laytham Lane. I ended up putting 30,000. I bought it for 10,000. It was a town hall. I bought it for 10,000 and put 30,000 into it and ended up selling it for 89,000. I made $50,000 off of that flip.

Brant: He made 50,000 on his first flip on a town hall.

Randy: Then on the second one over here at 14927 Laytham Lane, it’s almost in the same neighborhood, just across from the other side of Highway 6. I purchased it for $152,000. I put $40,000 into it and sold it for $295,000.

Brant: Repeat the numbers one more time to make sure that they got them. You bought it for 152,000.

Randy: 152,000. I put $40,000.

Brant: 40,000 in repair. You’re at 192,000 hard cost?

Randy: Right.

Brant: Purchase plus repairs, 192. Then you sold it for?

Randy: $295,000.

Brant: $295,000.

Randy: I ended up walking away …

Brant: Let that soak in for a minute.

Randy: I ended up walking away with $73,000 profit.

Brant: This isn’t like those TV shows with the bogus numbers saying, “Oh gross profit.” That’s net?

Randy: That’s net what I made, what I put in my pocket was 75,000.

Brant: His bank account was $73,000 off that deal after all holding costs, realtor’s commissions, all that kind of stuff?

Randy: Yes sir.

Brant: The way you found this deal was from a wholesaler, same way that we found this deal. Randy, you’ve just hired some contractors and managed that deal.

Randy: Yes.

Brant: The rehab yourself?

Randy: Right.

Brant: Man, you just did the work. You created the deal flow, you put together the financing, you managed the rehab, put together a team to manage your rehab.

Randy: Yeah. That was right about the same time I was going through with the breakthrough brothers. I got into that deal before I went to your training camp but you really helped me out a lot going through the whole thing. You just made it make more sense to keep on doing this. That’s why I’m here on this one and I’m going to be doing another here real soon.

Brant: If you don’t mind, can you share with people who are thinking about going to the Breakthrough at the Beach event what you gained from that? Just in general if [inaudible 00:03:23].

Randy: Mucho knowledge about how to flip a house. Just the mindset, man, on the real, it goes through so much. It talks about so much. It’s put a lot into me and it encouraged me, gave me incentive to go on and do, to keep on doing this. It’s just awesome yeah, really, very good. You put on a damn good show.

Brant: Thanks man. I get more excited now about when you guys go out and do deals and make money. I still do my own deals, I still like to make money and I enjoy that but the excitement seems to be more when you guys go out and do it.

Randy: Right.

Brant: Not letting you like my kid but it’s like your relationships with your children, when you teach your children to do things and they do it and you see it, it’s so just you get this feeling inside. That’s how I feel when you guys go out and have success and make money.

Randy: When I put that $73,000 check in the bank, it made me very excited. Remember I was telling you I don’t get excited that much?

Brant: Yeah.

Randy: That made me a little excited.

Brant: Awesome man. Congratulations. I’m proud of you man. You did this. People sometimes are like the luck thing, no. There’s no luck here.

Randy: Right.

Brant: You worked a plan. You followed everything that we taught down at the Beach and did your own legwork and you made it happen. You get all the credit. We’ll end it with a fist bump, boom. Awesome job man.

Randy: All right. Thank you.

Brant: All right man.

Randy: Thank you Brant.

Brant: Thank you.

Randy attended the Breakthrough at the Beach event and went out and Flipped a house and made over $70k!

Nice Job Randy!

You deserve it because YOU DID THE WORK! You went out and took action…nice job brother!

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