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Choose to Fight

The reason Freedom will evade most people is simply because they won’t fight for it.

They have a CALLING in their heart, but they allow the pressures and ‘noise’ of the world to distract them.

They allow others to influence them away from WHO they know they should and could be.

They allow DRIFTS to come in and they fill their time and voids with other, unworthy pursuits.

They STOP BELIEVING they can achieve it because adversity sets in.

The bottom line is, they are not willing to FIGHT.

Every opposition that comes in is simply a Choice that we all have to Fight for that Freedom that we feel called to, our allow the ‘World’ to win.

My friend, to obtain the Freedom in your heart that you so desperately seek, you must continually WAGE WAR.

Wage War to do what you want to do, to have what you wish to have and become who you are called to be.

When you commit to wage war and fight for the calling in your Heart, this is precisely When & How the BREAKTHROUGH’s will begin.

And BREAKTHROUGH is available to you today, tomorrow and anytime that you simply and savagely, choose to Fight.

*Are you a Man that is struggling to Fight for the calling in your heart?

I get it.

And I have a solution.

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