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Comfort Zone

People usually can’t help but ask these questions inside their heads:

“Why can others be that successful and others remain below?”

“How can one be at the bottom and the other on top when both of them have the same qualifications?”

“Why do some people seemed to be left out and outgrown by others?”

All of us were born to have a different life from each other. This makes us think that some people are closer to opportunities than others. However, people doing good in their careers and earning a great deal of money, did not come from a specific place or just one social class. Therefore, we can’t make a generalized statements and predictions like, “All who are born rich will be successful in their business ventures or careers later on in life”.

Successful people are from various walks of life, most of them are people who worked their way up the top. What I found out is that they do not come from similar backgrounds, rather, they are different persons possessing the same qualities such as hard work, perseverance, wisdom, and most especially, courage.

Well, courage might be a big word, but we can interpret that as confidence. It is the confidence to take risks and the audacity to push their selves to the limit that made them excel in the paths that they take.

I recently returned from Tampa Bay where I met some super successful entrepreneurs to sharpen the saw and work on some future business ventures.

One of the biggest takeaways I got from the trip was the reminder that it is truly a skill and an art (that thankfully, one that can be learned) to be able to THINK BIG.

For some people, thinking big just comes naturally; for others, not so much. But, if you really ponder on why some people tend to think bigger than others, it comes down to the size and capacity of their comfort zone — and how willing they are to expand it.

Most people often get contented seeing that they are living a happy and less complicated life. Nonetheless, some choose to become better. They choose to think big. If you feel that your business or career, or your life in general, seems to be stagnant and is taking a slow turn, perhaps you could take time to learn some useful tips.

For many of the ultra successful entrepreneurs, they’ve been able to achieve their success because they refused to let fear take over their decisions. Instead, they view failures as learning experiences and opportunities for a restart. They think of it as a chance to do it all over again again, but even better the next time. As what our mentors always tell us, “People should learn from their mistakes”. The whole point of failing is to enlighten us of the things that we have yet to know. Experience is the best teacher, indeed.

Sometimes, life’s circumstances require us to get out and think outside of the box so we can reach our full potential. Nothing will ever grow by just merely doing the same process every single time. You have to overcome things that you would not have wanted to do. If you would just let yourself make mistakes, you can be taught by the people who have vast experiences. You will have mentors along the way, thus expanding your network and connection and open ing new doors which, before, you never expected will be opened for you. New opportunities will lead to expanding your capabilities which, later on, becomes a cycle.

In this video, I will share a quick lesson on how you can expand your comfort zone and breakthrough to the next level. I will share yo you some of my thoughts and give you pieces of advice which can help with regard to expanding whatever venture you’d want to take. You may have read books and may have been trained to do these kinds of stuff, but it becomes different when you already apply what you’ve learned and turn it to something much bigger.

From learning to become a risk-taker into making your circle and networks wider, this short lecture will teach you about conquering what you’re scared of.

How can you reach beyond limits?

How can you develop growth in your career and take a great turn to improve your life?

Let’s find out how a small business, a simple entrepreneur, or an ordinary employee, for instance, turns into an empowered person.



During the video, I mistakenly referenced Einstein for a quote, so I’d like to properly credit the author of the quote, it was by Oliver Wendell Home who said “The mind, once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas, never returns to its original size”.

Anyway, I hope this helps you expand your own Comfort Zone!

All the best,

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