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Conversation With A Millionaire Book Featured in!

My latest book is featured in! Feel free to check it out here:

I’ve also put the excerpts here below:

Houston Real Estate Investment, Construction and Education Consultant, Brant Phillips, recently released his new book “Conversation with a Millionaire Real Estate Investor.”

Brant Phillips, founder of Invest Home Pro and a respected advisor in Houston real estate investment community, recently released his new book, “Conversation with a Millionaire Real Estate Investor.” The book takes the reader behind the closed doors to witness firsthand what it’s like to be in the room with a couple of real estate millionaires as they talk shop about the exact habits, strategies and actions that have created their wealth through real estate investing. Phillips once again goes against the grain to be a voice for the people and continues to bring a realness and transparency about how to create, build and grow a real estate business.

Phillips said, “I’ve been very fortunate to have some incredible teachers and mentors in my life. ‘Conversations with a Millionaire Real Estate Investor’ was all about sharing some of the incredible wisdom and insights one of my mentors shared with me that he has learned over his 40+ years of successful investing.

“As this book was coming together, it had this eery cool feel of being akin to a ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ of sorts as the two of us shared our stories of starting in real estate without money, knowledge or experience, but ventured ahead and created our own paths to success and of course, we shared some of the hard knocks along the way. I would say this book is ultimately a resource for others looking to gain insight and inspiration about how to overcome their fears and limiting beliefs that are holding them back and to always keep chasing after their financial and real estate dreams, no matter their circumstances and starting point.”

“Conversation with a Millionaire Real Estate Investor” is available in both Kindle and Trade Paperback formats through and other major book retailers.

About Brant Phillips

Brant Phillips is a full-time real estate investor, business owner, business coach, speaker and bestselling author.  In addition to his real estate pursuits, Phillips is an active entrepreneur as the owner of a coaching and consulting business and a property management company. He also owns a marketing company that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs to utilize the same marketing strategies he uses in his businesses.

About Invest Home Pro

Invest Home Pro is a residential real estate investment company that helps investors with all aspects of investing such as investment strategy, locating deals, purchasing properties, financing, construction and renovation, property management, and marketing. Invest Home Pro has purchased, renovated, and consulted on hundreds of properties and continues to assist investors achieve phenomenal returns.

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