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Conversation with a Millionaire Real Estate Investor IS HERE!

Well, I teased it a little last month because I thought it would be ready sooner, but lo and behold after a few last bumps down the final home stretch, the new book is officially here and ready for purchase!

You know, I’ve been very fortunate to have some incredible teachers and mentors in my life, and ‘Conversation with a Millionaire Real Estate Investor’ was all about sharing some of the incredible wisdom and insights one of my mentors has shared with me from what he has learned over his 40+ years of successful investing.

Originally, this was not intended to be a book at all and the way it all unfolded into book format was not certainly not in the plans. But other things prevailed obviously….

This was actually going to be a recording for me to share with some of my private students in video format, but after listening to it and sharing it with one of my marketing friends, it became very apparent that a book was the best way to do it justice.

As this book was coming together, it had this eerie cool feel of being akin to a ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ of sorts as the two of us shared our stories of starting in real estate without money, knowledge or experience, but ventured ahead and created our own paths to success and of course, we shared some of the hard knocks along the way.

I would say this book is ultimately (hopefully) a resource for others looking to gain insight and inspiration about how to overcome their fears and limiting beliefs that are holding them back and to always keep chasing after their financial and real estate dreams, no matter their circumstances and starting point.

So yes, I’m very excited about the new book and the message this book is going to bring to the market and very honored to share it with you.

My hope is that you’ll find many great takeaways from the book and help give you a little motivation and boost to help you with your initial launch into Real Estate Investing or just to reignite the passion and drive you need to continue sustained success for your business.

Lastly, I just want to say THANK YOU!

Thank you for being a loyal subscriber.

I know it’s really easy to hit the unsubscribe button, but thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share my business and life journey with you.

And if you decide to purchase and read the book and you gain some value/insight from it, I’d really appreciate your ‘5 Star’ Ratings and positive reviews on Amazon :)


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You can grab your copy HERE

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