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Dave Ramsey & Robert Kiyosaki unite???

Dave Ramsey & Robert Kiyosaki…

What if there was a way to Unite the two?

I’m here to tell you, there Is

Put on your seatbelt, and get ready for a bit of a journey here…but if you’re a real estate investor, you’ll be glad you take the ride.

While I love being Real Estate Investor, I really do (ok, most of the time), there is a danger that comes with getting too comfortable with what you’ve done in the past and not being flexible to change.

Real Estate is all Sunshine and Roses right?

Except when it’s not.

Understanding WHEN it’s time to make a change and WHAT are the best ways to navigate current and future markets is what keeps a very small % of investors in the game during market changes and over multiple decades.

Now in my 18th year of investing, literally doing hundreds of deals, somewhere over 500 at this point, including Flips, Rentals, Owner Finance Notes, Land development, small multi-family, mobile home parks, RV Parks, wholesaled, built new construction and even a small subdivision development.

Even been an eXp Icon agent 4x. Tara does all of that side of things for me now.

Whatever it is in the world of real estate, I’ve probably done it.

Written books, speaking, going on the news, Coaching, Inc 5000 company, yes, it has been very good to me.

And after being in the business 18 years and hundreds of deals after starting from zero, knowing nothing and living in an apartment and using a credit card to do my very first investment deal. It’s been quite the ride from humble beginnings.

My mom told me to never toot my own horn, but I heard Grant Cardone say, ‘if you got a horn, why don’t you toot it?’

So, selfishly tooting my own horn, being able to keep a 100% track record to my lenders (even when my back has been against some very difficult walls), I’ve been able to maintain my word and honor my financial commitments has been my proudest accomplishment.

Which means being able to say NO to certain deals and playing it much more conservative than I even want to at times.

So needless to say, real estate has been very good to me.

But there’s always a price to pay with success.

Stress from working long hours, dealing with issues, financial pressures and TIME.

Time away from family.

Time away from other things.

And it’s been a price that I’ve been happy to pay because the reward has been worth the effort and the risk.

And while I regret nothing that I’ve been through, I realize that there’s something inside of me and that is telling me to SHIFT.

Something that’s telling me to PIVOT in HOW I operate my businesses.

I began to hear this late last year.

But I don’t think I wanted to hear it.

Then, I heard it again at the end of the year, very loud and clear.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, and I will say I’ve learned this the hard way at times is:


‘For those with ears to hear, let them hear’

So yes, I’ve learned to hear much better as I’ve gotten older.

Perhaps I’m wiser.

So I will act accordingly.

No, I’m not leaving the real estate game.

I’m staying in the game.

I’m just going to change how I play the game.

You see, before I got started in real estate I was a complete financial idiot with no financial education.

After Tara and I were married for a few years we came to that realization and went through a Dave Ramsey financial freedom class, we learned the ‘baby steps’, paid off our student loans and credit cards, and a couple of years later we were able to declare “we’re debt free”.

Well almost, I think we still had a car loan.

But after that I realized, we’re still broke (woo-hoo) and I hated my job and Dave’s advice was to basically stay in my J.O.B. (just over broke) and somewhat miserable for the next 20 to 30 years and then MAYBE we could have a little bit of fun.

I decided that wasn’t gonna be an option for me so I began to look for other ways to make it in the world.

Then I discovered, like most real estate investors, Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ book.

It changed my life.

I learned about ‘good debt’ from Kiyosaki, which Dave Ramsey never seemed to mention.

Dave only talked about Bad Debt for some reason?? lol.

And I kept what Dave taught me to stay away from bad debt, which I have to this day.

But I also applied what I learned from Kiyosaki, and from many other mentors and guru’s along the way, and I took off like a real estate rocket.

And like I said, real estate has been good to me.

But good is no longer good enough.

I want something better.

I want something Great.

I want it for myself and for others.

So the question is, what if Dave Ramsey & Robert Kiyosaki hooked up?

Well, you’re about to find out.

Because I AM a result of the Dave & Robert schools of thinking and there is going to be a Divine union of the two worlds.

Perhaps, a Creative Collision if you will of the juxtaposed.

And I’m going to change the way I do business.

Yes there is bad debt.

Yes there is good debt.

It’s quite the conundrum here.

But, funny enough, when you take these two distinct opposites, and collide them together, could it be that a 3rd option is formed?

Some real estate investors and lenders have already seen the writing on the wall.

The Market is shaky, and will always be this way.

The Banks are not to be trusted.

The option is not to leave real estate.

The option is to Unite together, collectively in our deals and sharing the Fruits of wisely investing and also weather the storms together, but most importantly, giving the big ‘Bird’ to the banks.

There is much more to come, but wanted to share to those of you that have ears to hear the voice inside, it might be wise for you to LISTEN….and DO as the voice is directing you to do.

I know I am, and I’ll be sharing much more of what I am working on with you all, very soon.

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