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Difficult Decisions are Difficult

Difficult Decisions are typically…..Difficult

And most times, the Easy choice is always the choice of less value.

And difficult decisions are even more difficult when you’re going through a difficult situation, especially for an extended period of time.

Ex: Bad Marriage – Struggling Business – Financial Challenges – Health Conditions

So how do You decide WHAT’S BEST and what to do despite what you’re going through?

Because you must decide.

And you want to make the best decision.

But do you know how to do that when you’re in a negative state?

Most people make bad decisions when they are in bad situations.

Follow me here…

To begin, if you’re in a pit, just acknowledge it.

Don’t pretend you’re not.

It could be a financial pit.

It could be a relational pit.

It could be a physical pit.

Maybe all of the above…

All of these roads lead to a Mental Pit and you’re likely in the stressed-out, or ‘Doubt/Worry/Fear’ vicious cycle.

Needless to say, things just haven’t been going your way.

First off, if you’ve been in a situation like this that has been going on for an extended period, or extremely mentally challenging, it may be best to take a little time to let your mind rest.

Mental health is a real thing.

There is such a thing as brain and decision fatigue.

For many entrepreneurs, ‘Financial Fatigue’ is a real thing too when you’re stuck in a trap of always having to figure out financial matters to keep things running, it becomes exhausting.

So what happens when you’re in a prolonged negative state mentally, is you begin to make poor decisions and act upon left-brain thinking.

Just google ‘Decision Fatigue effects’ sometime and see for yourself.

Summarized quickly, Decision fatigue is the idea that after making many decisions, a person’s ability to make additional decisions becomes worse.

In other words, your brain is like a battery and it runs out of juice when you’re in a negative state for too long and making stressful decisions.

And when you’re in this state, the decisions you make will almost always be poor choices.

But once you understand how the mind works, you can catch yourself.

So learning to ‘listen’ to the still voice inside is where you need to turn.

I’m going through a pretty difficult situation myself that has challenged me mentally.

I’ve even had some ‘give up’ feelings stronger than I’ve ever had.

So it made me pause…stop…and listen.

What are those thoughts about?

The root, I believe, was from Fatigue.

So I took a step back from the situation.

Allowed myself some time to decompress.

*Proper/Rest and sleep are also critical

Then listened to the right brain/my heart and asked,

~What are my commitments to this situation?

~What do I want to gain from this situation?

~What is the best path to get there?

I came away with 3 Options:

1. The Difficult Path (Best Option)

2. The Less Difficult Path (Acceptable Option)

3. The Easy Path, aka: Give Up (Least Acceptable Option)

I looked at them all.

I reminded myself of WHO I am.

I reminded myself of WHAT I stand for.

I reminded myself of WHY it would be most ideal to pursue the path I feel called to.

And in that space, the left brain (worry/doubt/fear) was nowhere to be heard and the voice inside and the peace that passes understanding spoke loud and clear.

So at times like these, when you’re stuck on deciding what to do, and you’re mentally fried.

It would be wise to take a little time.

Let your mind recover from the trauma and drama you’ve experienced.

Be still….

List out your options.

Remember WHO you are

Remember WHAT you stand for

And remember WHY it’s so incredibly important for you to go down the path you’ve chosen.

And in that space, the Decision will become clear.

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