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Do Simple Things Like A Savage

Do Simple Things Like A Savage

Going through a rough patch of life?

Or maybe you’re starting out a new business/venture and execution is critical.

Whatever it is, if results are what you’re chasing: Stick to the Simple things.

And execute like a Savage.

Relationships, Health, Business, it applies to all.

I remember when I first began real estate.

I was working a full-time sales and service job that was very demanding (Ecolab).

Not only did I have to sell new accounts, I had to service all of my new and existing accounts.

I sold cleaning chemicals (laundry soaps, dishwasher soaps, hand soaps, floor cleaner, etc) to hospitals and restaurants.

When I mean I by ‘service’ was that I had to install and repair all of the equipment that disbursed our products.

I’ll spare you the details, but it was a very difficult and demanding job.

And during this time, I decided to get into investing in real estate.

So I had to figure out HOW I could achieve both outcomes:
1. Hit my real estate goals (year 1 was to buy 10 rentals)
2. Hit my Sales numbers for my job

Not only did I buy my 10 rentals, I outsold every one that year in my area.


I did the Simple things like a Savage.

I stuck to the basics, over and over and over again.

I put on Blinders and didn’t look right or left when other opportunities or distractions came up.

I stayed on a simple, proven straight path.

I did exactly what my mentors told me to in Real Estate.

And I copied what the most efficient/productive guys did at my job, and I only did those things.

I remember the guys I worked with at Ecolab were always calling me to go to breakfast or lunch.

Years previously of course I would go.

The year I started my real estate hustle on the side, the simple answer was “No thanks”.

I had goals and I needed to maximize every second of the day.

Here’s the other funny thing too.

Years previously, I would usually work from 7a to 4 or 5p (minimum) every day in my territory (Houston medical center).

But the year I started real estate and finished at the top in my area, I was routinely getting done by 2 or 3p every day and many days sooner.

Many days I was done at noon.


Because I didn’t waste time.

I handled business in my accounts, took care of my responsibilities, went right for the sale and got out.

My goal was to do my job, perform for my company, then be done for the day so I could focus on real estate.

And I stuck to the Basics and did them Savagely Well.

I later summarized the ‘Simple Things’ of real estate in my ‘How To Flip A House’ book that is referred to as the ‘The 7 Fundamentals’ and that’s what I did.

So whatever you’re going through in life that you’re trying to execute on.

Be cautious of the complex.

The key to success from what I’ve found, is to Do the Simple Things Like A Savage….over and over again.

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