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Do your Dreams still trust you? [Live]

Remember when you used to DREAM BIG?

Remember when there was a FIRE in your heart to be great and do great things?

Maybe you did some of it.

Maybe you failed.

The question is: Do you remember WHEN you had that FIRE?

Remember how it felt to be FULLY ALIVE?

You had dreams of doing big deals

Growing companies

Leading a movement

You were going to give your family the world


Something happened….

Let’s call it….life

And the embers that lit the fires as well, began to fade.

If this is you.

And your big dreams have vanished, that doesn’t mean they are dead.

Begin to look for the embers that remain.

Perhaps they haven’t turned into ashes just yet.

And the embers of your dreams can be relit, if you don’t wait too long

I get it.

Life has a way of kicking our ass.

And it can punch us in the gut and leave us not wanting to get back in the ring.

So if you’re in this place

I need you to trust me on this one and be willing to set the past aside.

Focusing on the unfortunate events of the past won’t help you create a life worth living for in your future.

Simply take a moment to consider a bigger vision for tomorrow.

If you took some time and created some space to dream like before…what could your life look like?

What would you want your marriage to be?

What kind of parent would you be?

What business pursuits would you chase?

What impact would you make?

You see, when you begin to ask these questions, you are fanning the Embers that can relight the fire.

So stoke them.

If those thoughts and dreams are still in your mind, that means they still believe in you.

They are not there by accident.

And Embers, oftentimes precede a fine and burn just as hot as the fires they start.

But if you don’t heed the call soon, they too, will fade for good.

Just as a dying ember will turn to ashes.

*If you’re stuck in life/business and feel like you’re on a treadmill going nowhere.

Or feel like you have the drive and talents, but you’re unable to get the results you deserve?

Pm me, I’m working with a small group of Men to get them back on track in life and business. The turnaround can happen much more quickly than you think my friend.

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