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Dream + Drive – Direction = Going Nowhere

This morning when I began to write, I had nothing.

Even though I had several enticing thoughts after my morning reading, my mind was all of a sudden blank.

When writing, some days the most difficult part is finding where to start.

Ahh, there it is…the thought *appears* (thank you God)

And when the ‘aha’ thought comes, take it, and just flow from there…

…So here it is…

I remember when I was working at my job over 18 years ago.

I was miserable with what I did for a living.

And I hated wearing ties (that pic is from that era from some function).

I used to tell myself I would never wear a tie again.

And at that point in my life, my driving focus was finding a way to quit my job and be my own boss.

The problem was I had no clue what to do.

I had no money.

And like Napoleon Dynamite, I had No Skills.

And I didn’t know where to start to find ‘It’.

As I shared last night on my weekly ‘Real Estate Brkthru’ webinar, this was my situation, maybe some of you can relate to this:

I. I had a DREAM

~the Dream was simply to quit my job and be my own boss.

~I didn’t care about making a lot of money, I just wanted my freedom and to do something I enjoyed.

II. I had a DRIVE

~I was willing to do the work.

~I told myself that I would outwork anyone.

~Whatever it takes is what I would do and then I would do more on top of that.

III. However, I had zero DIRECTION

~I had no clue about where to look or which way to go

~I knew nothing about how to start a business or what business to start ???

I realized that even with a Dream and Drive, without direction, I was going nowhere fast.

But I continued looking at everything.

But I was an nothing more than uninformed optimist (aka: deadend dreamer)

Because I knew nothing about business and once again, had no money.

I looked at online eBay business stuff.

Looked at Franchises (couldn’t get approved for a loan)

Looked everywhere.

But my Dream just kept leading me to a dead end.

It was like being in a cul-de-sac without an entrance street, so I just went around and around in circles for a couple of years…

Spinning my wheels, but going nowhere.

But…I didn’t turn out the light on my dream.

Although it did get dim at times.

And there were times that my thoughts began to fall into the trap of telling myself that my corporate job ‘wasn’t so bad’

But I knew I was lying to myself.

So at times like that, I would dust off my depression.

Get back up and begin to dream again.

Then one day I made up my mind.

I made a DECISION….

I decided that NO MATTER WHAT, I was going to find ‘it’

Even though I didn’t know what ‘it’ was at the time.

I was like a great hunter chasing down his prey.

I told God and myself that I was not going to quit, no matter how long it took and I would do whatever it takes to make it happen.

*Getting to that point my friends, is where the ‘magic’ starts to happen.

I turned from a ‘drifting Dreamer’ to a Man 100% DETERMINED.

And from that point, what I learned & earned (thru experience) has served me well.

Which is:

When you have a Dream, Seek and you will find.

If you don’t find, you must continue to seek it UNTIL You find it.

And you will find it, if you CONTINUALLY SEEK and do not give up.

And the more you seek, the odds increase in your favor.

And the more you seek, the time will draw near when the ‘Teacher will appear’.

And I eventually, I ‘found’ Real Estate through a very fortuitous meeting from an unexpected teacher.

I truly didn’t even have a clear understanding of what ‘Real Estate’ meant when it was suggested to me.

But it didn’t matter, I knew in my heart that was what I was going to pursue.

That was my DIRECTION that I had been searching for.

So for those of you still searching for what to do:

Do not stop Seeking

(You owe it to yourself to not give up!)

Keep moving forward.

Keep pursuing your DREAM.

Don’t lose your determination & DRIVE to do the work.

And I promise, you will find the DIRECTION you are to go.

And along your journey, keep your eyes open.

Because when you are truly ready, you just never know when the Teacher you need will appear.


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