Everything Wrong

Everything Wrong

All right. I’m at my weekly Home Depot meeting. This morning at 5 AM, I had my first swim lesson getting ready for the Ironman. I’ve been swimming for a couple of years now. Ever since I had my third knee surgery and I couldn’t take it as hard on my knees, I started swimming at the gym just so I could get some cardio in and not pound on my knee so much.

I went for my first lesson today. It started off and he was like, “I’m just going to have you swim. Just do your thing, swim a few laps. I’m going to record you on video,” and his little iPad, “And show you how you did and what you did right and what you did wrong.” Basically, I did nothing correct. Those were his words to me. He was like, “Basically, you are doing everything wrong so we’re going to have to fix everything.” I had told him before our first meeting that I was a pretty decent swimmer, so I had thought. That really, really just drives home the point of why coaching and mentorship is so incredibly powerful.

Within an hour and a half session, just went through things I never knew because we can’t know what we don’t know and we can’t know what we haven’t experienced before. I’ve never had a swim lesson. Just in that hour and a half time, I’m going to continue going like every single week to see this swim coach. He’s giving me things to do and practice on during each week’s session. Just in that short amount of time, I was able to leverage collapsed time, his years and years and literally decades, this guy’s wrote books about swimming. First, seconds, third editions of swim lessons.

Anyways, my message, my story to you guys is do not overvalue what you know if you learned it yourself without verifying and seeking the guidance of mentorship and coaches who’ve done that, who’ve been there and done the things that you’re seeking to accomplish. This isn’t a pitch at all for my coaching, it’s just in life in general seek counsel and wisdom into areas in which you are seeking to grow and expand.

I definitely need help with my swimming so swim lessons were in order, a very valuable lesson not only in swimming but for other areas in my life about the impact of good coaching, good mentorship from someone who’s been there and done that and they can look at you from a bird’s eye view, see what you’re doing wrong and tell you what you need to do and show you and correct you on how you can speed up time to get the results that you want to get so much quicker. Anyways, that’s my message for today. Hope you all enjoyed it.

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