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Fathers, forgive your Fathers.

There’s a lot of you as Men out there that are carrying some toxic baggage from the relationship with your Father.

You have scars, hurts, pains, and I understand, they run deep.

You’ve gone through some very difficult shit and trauma as a result of your father’s actions, attitudes and words, and there’s a deep impact upon your soul.

But your ability to go into that space and find forgiveness and appreciation for your Father, no matter what has occurred, will define you as a Man in more ways than you know.

For some of you, this will be one of the most difficult things you’ve ever done.

But even if you can just find an ounce of forgiveness and something to appreciate him for, even simply for the fact that you have life because of that Man, may be where you need to start.


First, for your heart.

There is a release that you need to let go of.

When you hold onto wounds and hurts, this is toxic for your soul and it burdens you deeper than you know.

Next, realize and consider that your children are watching, modeling and mirroring your actions.

The more that you can exhibit true leadership as a Man who can extend forgiveness and grace to others, the more they will have the ability to do so in their relationships with others, most importantly, with you.

But if you’re the type of Man that holds onto hurts and pains and shit from the past, well, this is behavior your children will learn from you.

And I know that you don’t want that for them, so you shouldn’t want this for yourself.

I get it, this may be one of the hardest things that you may ever do, but this is a battle you must step into.

Go deep into the depths of your heart, and do what must be done.

You will find a release, and a power that is gained from forgiveness that cannot be accessed any other way.

Because here’s the truth, my friend: our fathers were flawed, just as we are.

And within those imperfections and hurts you suffered, lies the opportunity for growth, healing, and transformation.

Despite the wrongs you suffered, your ability to forgive and Honor your father will have a direct impact on how your children Honor you.

This moment is about you and about them.

By you going into the pain to extend forgiveness and appreciation, you’re creating a cascade effect on your children’s lives greater than you can even imagine.

So Fathers, no matter how painful the past, find a way to honor and forgive your Father.

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