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Fix your Shit

I don’t know what yours is, but you have it and you have to stop putting off what needs to be handled.

And you know it.

For some of you, maybe your marriage is dead

Or the relationships with your kids.

You’ve been a dead beat or half-ass dad and it’s eating you up inside, when you’re honest with yourself.

Some of you are on the verge of a heart attack yet you keep turning into the drive-thru

Your bank accounts are tapped

And perhaps worst of all, some of you are just completely empty inside, you’re living like a walking zombie.

No purpose or fire in your life, you barely have a pulse.

You lost your Edge

No more fire

No gas in the tank

Why should you even go on?

⏸️ PAUSE ⏸️

Look, and I mean this when I say: it’s not your fault

There’s a conditioning going on in society that sedates men and leads them into a trap

But you have to fix it

I know Men that are carrying pains and issues around with them for decades, even from childhood that they haven’t dealt fully and this leads to nowhere except continual pain and misery and more importantly, eventually stops you from accomplishing what you’ve been called to accomplish in your life

The first step is acknowledging that you’ve been trapped and defeated to a certain extent, but that doesn’t mean that you’re done or you’re out of the game, it simply means it’s time to get up and fight

That means it’s time to fix it

It means it’s time to get your house in order but first you must get YOU in order

Just acknowledging or admitting there’s a pain or hurt or something you need to fix doesn’t fix it

That’s a start, yes, but you are going to have to, no, you MUST do the work necessary to fix and repair what MUST be fixed.

⏸️ BUT WHY? ⏸️

You have a battle to fight my friend, but you’re simply not usable in the shape you’re in.

This could be your mental shape, it could be your relationship shape, it could be your spiritual shape, it could be your physical shape, it could be your Financial shape…look you know your problems (if your truly honest with yourself) and you know where you’re in shape in life and you know where you are out of shape.

Marriage Broke: Fix That Shit

Physically out of shape: Fix That Shit

Financially strained: Fix That Shit

No spiritual connection to God: Fix That Shit

And fix it you must.

And I would suggest you start now

I’m not sure if you haven’t noticed but there is a battle going on in the world and we need strong Warrior Men on the front lines in our communities and marketplace.

But the modern-day Man is spending more time than ever scrolling clicking watching porn, eating shit food and going nowhere in life while a generation of kids and teens follow in their footsteps (yes, they are watching you and it’s not impressive)

It’s time to WAKE UP!

Wake up you must

It is time to repair what has been broken so you can get back to battle for that calling that is in your heart

Do it to restore broken relationships

Do it to restore yourself

Do it to restore your dreams that you once had

You simply must do it

Get back in the Arena my friend

Fight the good fight and fix what needs to be fixed so you can begin to be useful again to others and begin creating again to build what is inside of your heart that you need to create

Do it while you still have time on this Earth

I believe that every man has a Warrior heart inside of them, but not every Warrior will choose to fight

The choice is now yours my friend, choose Wisely, choose to fight and begin to fix what must be fixed.

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