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Most will be doomed from ever being Free.

I hear so many paint the picture of the ‘Freedom’ they will experience when they……
….Get Rich…..or
….Get Divorced….or
….Some Other Circumstance

Freedom is not found by escaping a ‘bad or difficult’ situation to arrive at ‘Freedom World’ as if they just arrived at Disney.

And no, Freedom will not be found in ‘Retirement’ nor is it found in Financial Wealth.

Whether you’re rich, poor, retired or nowhere close, Freedom is available to you today.

Freedom is accessible by continually growing and expanding, learning and growing, dying to your current self to access a greater you in your new self.

Freedom is found in Surrender.

Freedom is not found by running and avoiding the things you’re afraid to face.

The opposite is true.

Freedom is found by stepping into your Fear.

Freedom can become reality when you break the mental chains of bondage that constrict you and confront your fears head on.

Stop running from what you Fear thinking you will escape it to find Freedom. Do the opposite.

Run into the things in your life that you’re avoiding and you may just find that the Freedom you seek awaits on the other side.

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