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Get back into the Game

Stop overthinking it.

And stop beating yourself up.

Give yourself a reprieve from your past.

Take the lessons from the losses and do the only thing God wants from each and everyone of us:
Be the greatest version of ourselves that we can be.

He’s given you gifts, talents + resources.

All that is being asked is from us is to proudly, humbly and boldly go into each day and prosper.

Create, Grow, Learn & Expand.

Forgiveness is available so you can receive your reprieve.

Accept it.

Get up.

And begin creating again.

Stop wasting your talents sitting on the sidelines.

Get back into the Game of Life.

*pic of my son Noah in a 4-game tournament yesterday. He started out a little out of sync and overall, nowhere near what he was capable of. So we discussed, wiped the slate clean from the previous games and he came back to have his best game during the final game of the day.

You can do the same….the other games you’ve played are over.

What is available is the game that is here for you to play today.

Play All-in, fully & freely as you find new freedoms and give your gifts to the world.

**If you feel stuck and sense you need a Brkthru to get you going and back into the game of life, I run a weekly, live (virtual) Real Estate Brkthru training for a small group of Men that are looking to level up in Life & Business.

This is for only a small group of people (5 max) so, if you would like to attend, send me a message for the registration details.

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