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Get Unstuck from the Drift [Video]

Stuck in the Drift?
This is an 80/20 rule thing for sure.
Meaning, probably 80% of you reading this are stuck in some major drifts in your life.
What’s a drift?
You’re not moving towards a greater version of yourself.
You’re either coasting thru life,
Or you’re not sure what you should be doing, yet you’re not being intentional about discovering how to get better and what you should be working towards.
You’re stuck in a rut.
Unsure about your future.
Or maybe you know what you want and should be doing, but you’re not doing it.
You lost the fire.
You stopped chasing down the dream.
You silenced the calling in your heart.
This is not good (ask me how i know)
It’s living on a plateau
Which means you’re flat lining.
If you stay on this course too long, and yes, you will die.
Maybe not physically, but emotionally and spiritually.
And maybe even physically for some of you.
It’s the walking zombie club for Humans.
Your heart’s beating, but you are not alive.
No fire. No adventure. No pursuit.
Just days with safety, mundaneness, boredom and being unfulfilled.
Most of you reading this will stay exactly where you are at.
You will choose to sedate.
You’ll pop a pill or pop a top.
You’ll keep scrolling and do nothing, or keep strolling towards the drive thrus.
But some of you are sick and tired of being sick and tired.
So let’s get you unstuck and break the Drift.
Here’s some things that I did last year to end a terribly long drift that was primarily spiritual, (so I thought) but was affecting all areas of my life.
First off, that’s exactly where I got in life, I got sick and tired of being sick and tired.
I was stuck in the ‘Good’ life.
And this is a dangerous place to be IF fulfilling your full potential means something to you.
It means the world to me, yet my actions and my attitudes were clearly not exhibiting this, so I had to call bullshit on myself.
After many years of living in a highly productive state, I was tired.
A few years ago, I ‘redlined’ by pushing too hard.
Or perhaps I was not fully aligned with all that I was doing?
I’m not totally sure, but either way, I was tired and took a break.
But a week turned into a month, and a month into a year and longer…
I was still productive, and producing and doing what needed to be done (the basics) to maintain my ‘good’ life, but I was not growing.
Shit happened, and then the drift happened.
I was living on the plateau.
Living in the drift.
And inside, because of a small still voice that continued to whisper to me, I was incredibly dissatisfied much of the time.
So once again, I got to that point where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.
So where did I turn?
To God.
But not with some sterile/clean scripted Joel Osteen chant.
I took a long hard look in the mirror at my bitch self and me and God began to have some real and raw conversations.
And I demanded he speak to me, reveal himself to me in a new way and energize me.
I have read the scriptures.
I know what has been promised.
And I wanted what was written and wasn’t going to settle for less.
I was not going to remain in the valley of the drift.
And like he had done before, it began to click again.
Yes, it took a while.
But I was relentless, and told him and myself that I was done playing games and done living a flat life and would no longer tolerate ‘Good’.
I wanted more for myself and wanted to be used to making an impact on others.
And he showed up.
Look, you do what works for you, but consider that your watered down memorized prayers and scripture recitals may not be a formula that works all the time.
God is a warrior, he’s dangerous and is not impressed by men who have all the gifts to be bad asses, yet are walking around like limp pansy asses that worship security as their almighty.
So instead, I stepped to him like a Man.
With Boldness.
And he responded.
The Fire was lit.
But there was still work to do.
I kept seeking relentlessly each and every day.
The fire has to be maintained or it will soon burn out.
So I started waking up at 4a everyday and spending hours upon hours reading, journaling and just thinking…thinking and talking to God.
And from the drift, came a holy Shift.
And the drift was shattered because of a few reasons.
I simply chose to no longer allow the mediocrity in my life that was robbing me of Great and that side of me that was ‘ok’ with Good.
I pursued clarity about the greatness that I wanted back in my life:
Spiritually – Relationally – Physically – Financially.
And I combined that clarity with daily WORK.
Deep internal work combined with stepping out externally.
Why do you think I’m writing this?
Because I know many of you reading this are stuck and you need to hear this.
You need to get off your drifting ass and do what you know you need to do.
Look, to break the drift, you are going to have to start telling the truth.
Stop fucking lying and start telling the truth.
Tell the truth to yourself.
And to God.
And probably to some others that you’re in a relationship with where you’ve been playing small and weak.
Be Real.
Be Vulnerable.
Confess you’ve been playing small.
And confess what you want.
And most importantly, be willing to do work to go get it.
Be willing to lean in.
Be willing to GO even when you don’t know exactly what to do.
Just take steps in the right direction and figure it out as you go.
It’s called walking by Faith.
Be willing to take some risks.
Disrupt some of your old, conservative patterns.
And begin stepping and climbing upwards and ascending from the drift and plateau you’ve been in.
It worked for me.
I’m sure it will work for you.
If you do the work.
So get off your Ass, get off social media and do what you need to do my friend.
The drift ends now.
*btw, I know most of posts are hitting you where it hurts, so don’t feel the need to like or comment or any of that stuff, I don’t care about likes, but I do care about helping Men who are hurting to gain healing and begin to step back into the MAN they have been called to be. So if you’re stuck and need some guidance, pm me and I’ll do my best to provide some direction

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