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Have you been wanting to become a real estate investor

My House Deals Live with Brant Phillips from Brant on Vimeo.

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Alex Soares with to talk about one of my favorite topics: REAL ESTATE MINDSET

If you’re gonna spend anytime on my website, my opinion is to spend it here first watching this video.

I shared a lot of my stories about how I got started in real estate, starting with no money / experience, etc….and even using a credit card to buy my first investment property.

We also get into how to start investing while working a JOB, raising a family and juggling all of the responsibilities we have, WITHOUT sacrificing what is most important in your life.

Some other things we get into:
-What is the real estate mindset and how to get it
-How to be successful no matter what life throws at you
-How to balance investing and your life
-Steps to take to get to financial freedom just starting out

Let me know by posting your comments below if you like the video and were able to grab some nuggets of wisdom that you can use!

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